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Written by Douglas Oggelsby

Keisuke Inoue is a 38-year-old Japanese man. When Keisuke was 20, he started modelling professionally for a fashion magazine. During his modelling career, Keisuke did not believe fitness was that important! Going through the questions, we will see how he changed his attitude and mindset about fitness and how it plays an integral part in his new lifestyle and his resurgence to get back into the modelling profession.

MEET Keisuke inoue

Weight: 58 Kg
Height: 172 cm
Career: Professional Model (5 Years, age 20 – 25)
Hometown: Nagoya, Japan .

Douglas Oggelsby (DO): Did you participate in fitness training while you were a model?

Keisuke Inoue (Ki): No, fitness was unnecessary for my colleagues and me then. We used to have fun modelling while we drank and partied and just enjoyed the modelling lifestyle. I never had to worry about looking good in my early years, so fitness never crossed my mind. Now that I look back on it, I definitely could have spent my time better in regards to fitness and my dietary regimen.

DO: Why do you now think fitness is so necessary?

Ki: It has been a lifestyle change that I needed. Three years ago, I decided I wanted to continue to be admired by men and women for my beauty and manhood until I die. I knew I was a suitable model in my 20s. Now I want to re-tool my modelling career and to do that; I have decided to engage in a fitness and diet regimen that will help me become an exceptional model at the age of 38.

DO: What does your diet consist of now?

Ki: I am on a program where I eat five meals daily to gain weight and muscle. I keep my calories under 3000 per day. The main foods I consume are Rice, Pasta, Fish, Chicken and Maltodextrin supplements.

DO: You mentioned that you had four key factors that you currently live by while participating in this Fitness/Dietary regiment. Can you expand on this?

Ki: Yes.

#1. Don’t forget to challenge yourself. Daily, I continue to challenge myself and consistently improve my game. Letting up is not in my vocabulary. I will succeed.

#2. Control of the mind. Fitness and diet are just as much mental as they are physical. You need to be able to focus and control the aspects of eating and your workouts to suit your program. It is very easy to stray from your program and go down the wrong path again.

#3. Socialization is limited. I find that this is something I must do. I get better results if I work independently, challenge myself, and not worry about others. If I socialize a lot, I may stray from my fitness and dietary program, which I do not wish to do.

#4. Continue to do what you like. This is very important. Everyone will tell you what to do and how to do it, but that does not mean it will work for me. I have found my own dietary and fitness program that works for me, and that is all that counts.

DO: You mentioned to me that you journal your progress?

Ki: Yes. I do it differently than a lot of people. I put keywords in my journal that reflect how I felt that day and how much progress I see. Secondly, I always include a daily photo to see some improvement. Some days, I do not see any progress, which motivates me to do better the next day. Motivation is so important to be able to continue to obtain my goals.

DO: What are your upcoming goals?

Ki: I am working towards competing in Best Body Japan in the summer of 2024. I work out for one hour each day every morning. Something unique is I work on the body parts that day based on my intuition about how I feel that day. I am looking at getting back into professional modelling. People might say that I am too old, but with my youthful look and proper fitness and dietary program, I will be able to meet these goals. I am sure of it.

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