Reach, Kick, Pivot: Lockdown Aerobics Jumps in Popularity -

Aerobics is back: bigger, better, higher (and now, online). In 2015, HIGH Fitness gave old-school aerobics a makeover, choreographing simple and effective fitness moves to original, licensed popular music. The format was a hit and in five years grew to over 3500 certified instructors in 400 cities across North America. Today, a second wave of growth is occurring for the brand with the introduction their online format: HIGH Fitness Live.

Launching in November, 2020, over 3000 people have already subscribed, and with continued COVID-19 lockdowns, the numbers continue to grow. Founded by fitness instructors, busy moms and best friends Amber Zenith and Emily Nelson, HIGH Fitness attributes much of Live’s immediate success to the minimal space required to do the workout the only equipment is proper running shoes. “Like everyone in the fitness industry, we felt that we had to take our participants online to survive in 2020,” explains Zenith. “But actually, we’ve found a new audience altogether, people who are at home, don’t have space or equipment, and are looking for a fun and affordable way to stay active.” A live membership is $19.99 CAD per month ($169.99/year), and includes a one week free trial membership to both high and low-impact classes.

Zenith is based in Canada, while business partner Nelson is in the US, where in many states in-person fitness classes are still available. “HIGH Fitness participants are so loyal and have been our biggest champions in making live a success – sharing that it’s a workout for people of all abilities who want a enjoyable activity they can do at home. They find us because it’s an easy way to stay fit and they stay for the fun.” Keeping it ‘fun’ is a must for HIGH Fitness, a company that avoids talk about calories, weight, or size, instead believing that if it’s fun participants will come back, and in-turn see positive results.

HIGH Fitness started with a single class in a community centre and has grown into an international phenomenon, with over 500,000 participants annually and features in TSN, ESPN, People Magazine and countless others. HIGH Fitness enthusiasts include Julianne Hough, the LA Lakers cheerleaders and influencers like Rachel Parcell, Cara Loren and The Buckets List Family. On February 14th HIGH Fitness will host a special by donation event at 10AM MST / 12PM EST called

HIGH, HEART & SOUL in support of The Heart & Stroke Foundation Tickets are available by donation here

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