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Summer is a great time to change the stimulus, take your exercise outdoors and enjoy the fresh air. Whether you enjoy running, biking, swimming or a high intensity park workout, there are many options that require little to no equipment. When weather is hot and humid, however; there are important considerations when planning your outdoor workout. Here are some hot weather exercise tips and some tools that I've come across at Sport Chek that can help keep your summer exercise safe and effective. Monitor your body Activity trackers like the Apple Watch offer a great way to increase motivation and maximize Workouts but are also effective for monitoring your body while exercising in the heat. You can not only monitor your heart rate but there are also numerous apps that allow you to track other important parameters. For example, WaterMinder is an app compatible with the Apple Watch allowing you to track your water intake and keep hydrated. Focus on hydration When exercising in the heat, pre-hydrating is always a good idea as your body can lose up to 2 litres of water per hour in hot conditions and unfortunately can only absorb about half of that each hour. Drink a tall glass of water before you begin and about half a glass every 15-20 minutes during your activity. Another good rule of thumb is to drink around 1 litre of water for every kilogram of body weight lost after your activity. When you're exercising for a long duration in a humid environment, electrolyte drinks or coconut water can be a good way to replenishing electrolytes lost through sweat. Biosteel provides a sugar-free and caffeine-free solution to help restore electrolytes and also has the added benefit of amino acids, which can assist with recovery. Portable hydration There are several options of all sizes to ensure you don't leave home without your hydration. Whether you prefer belt or backpack style, choose a portable hydration solution that can hold enough fluid for the duration of your activity. Breathable performance apparel When conditions are humid the rate at which sweat can evaporate from your skin is compromised. Stay away from cotton apparel when exercising in the heat as it will absorb your sweat and increase your risk of overheating. Sweat wicking tops like the New Balance Max Intensity are designed with polyester, which helps wick sweat away from the body. Choose a lightweight, breathable training shoe that can help maximize comfort and performance whether you’re going for a run, or doing an intense park workout. The men's MX99 training shoeis a great multi-purpose option. Sun protection As we know, the rate of skin cancer continues to climb; it becomes increasingly important to ensure you protect yourself from the sun. Try exercising in the shade or early in the morning to avoid too much exposure. If you are in the sun, wear a breathable hat, light weight sunglasses and apply sweat resistant sunscreen. Always use at least SPF 30 and ensure you are reapplying regularly.Brent Bishop is a celebrity trainer, on-air fitness expert, author and founder of Think Fitness Studios More about Brent:
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