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Smash Your Upper Body with these Three Sled Exercises for Strength and Power

By Barry Vincent

The sled is known as an amazing tool for building a bigger, stronger, more powerful set of legs. But what about the upper body? Below you’ll find some of my favourite ways to use the sled to train the upper body – more specifically the back and shoulders, to pack on some muscle and develop explosive push/pull power! Single Arm Sled Row
  • Attach a single handle to the sled (a TRX or gymnastic ring work great)
  • Pick up the handle and set up in an athletic stance (Knees bent, hips back, chest up), extending your arm and ensuring their is tension in the strap
  • Explosively row the weight towards you, not allowing your elbow to travel passed your torso
  • Step backwards until your arm is extended and tension has been reestablished in the strap
Sled Press
  • Set up in a staggered stance with your weight shifted towards your toes and your arms so that your elbows are back and your chest is pressing in towards the sled handles
  • Explosively drive your feet into the floor and press the sled away from you using your chest, shoulders and triceps
  • Step back into the sled and reset your feet for the next rep
Sled High Pull
  • Attach a dual handle apparatus to the sled (two handles, two individual straps – the TRX is great for this)
  • Set up in an athletic stance with both arms extended and ensuring far back enough so there is tension in the straps
  • Explosively drive through your heels and pulls the handles up and back using your upper back and shoulders – your hands should end up beside your ears with your arms parallel to the floor
  • Step back until you’ve reestablished tension in the straps and repeat!
Use these exercises individually or give this Sled Complex a try: 3-5 rounds/60 seconds between rounds
  • Single Arm Sled Row x 5-8 reps/side
  • Sled Press x 10-12 reps
  • Sled High Pull x 8-10 reps
  • Traditional Sled Push back to starting point
Barry Vincent is a Fitness, Performance and Lifestyle Coach at ALP Training Institute in Hamilton, Ontario.
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