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Written by Leslie Rubio

Incorporating exercise into your life is not always easy, nor is making it a part of your daily routine. However, exercising yields some great benefits. For people with diabetes, the biggest benefit is that it increases insulin sensitivity. Incorporating exercise into your life also improves health, as it helps to decrease the risk of heart attack and lowers blood pressure. Implementing it into your daily routine does require some effort, such as investing in a gym membership, dedicating time for driving to the gym, money for gas, etc. However, there is a simple solution for this: start exercising outdoors! Read on to learn four benefits of exercising outdoors!

1. Provides Vitamin D and helps with seasonal mood changes

Being outside with the sun shining allows your body to receive Vitamin D naturally. Vitamin D is important for immune system support and your neuromuscular system. Additionally, studies report that being in contact with nature helps to ward off the seasonal affective disorder. Due to sunshine naturally increasing serotonin, it can help stabilize your mood and increase your sense of well-being.

2. Save resources

You do not have to feel bad wasting money on gym memberships if you do not go every week. Exercising outside is free! Not only will you be saving money from your gym membership, but you’ll also save on gas money too. Not to mention the time required to go to the gym. If you have an open area nearby like a park, that is all you need. You can do cardio, stretching, and even look for children’s playgrounds. Sometimes these areas have equipment for adults to exercise as well

3.Change of scenery

Being outside allows you to have the flexibility of choosing where to go! Explore your neighborhood and your city. You can find interesting new places that can help challenge you. This includes places such as hills or trails for a more strenuous workout. Moreover, exploring can also be a motivation to exercise and an opportunity to find new landscapes to enjoy.

4. A sense of comfort

Some women might not feel comfortable in gyms because they feel uncomfortable working out alongside men. When training outside, individuals can choose an area with little to no people around. You can also bring a friend, partner, and even your kids! Training with someone else can also be a constant motivator to keep exercising until it is incorporated into your routine!

In short, exercising outdoors can have many positive benefits which includes boosting your mood, saving you money, motivating you to explore new places, and providing you with a sense of comfort. For those living with diabetes, it can also increase insulin sensitivity which allows your body to use blood glucose more effectively. It also helps to have a buddy along for the ride as you undertake this new fitness routine. If you are or know someone who is a diabetic, download The Diabetes App for free at www.thediabetesapp.com to find your diabetes friend today! Let’s support one another and work towards better health!


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