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By Carmelia Ray

Strength. Stamina. A rock-hard bod.

These are just some of the go-to features that nearly every superhero of lore uses to their advantage, whether fighting crime or bedding yet another beauty. And while you may not be able to laser her clothes off with your eyes or read her mind, there are other traits that you can take from your favourite superheroes to make your bedroom antics more memorable. Here are the best ways — and some suggested moves — to take your sex skills to superhero heights!

1. Get Her Wet

get her wet To bring out your inner Aquaman (or any of the other superheroes that thrive underwater), you need to try lovemaking in your ideal environment. Showcase your super powers with a steamy shower, hot tub, or pool session — and this stand-up move. The Super-Move: Ballerina Try the Ballerina up against the shower wall as the water pours down. Bonus: this position allows for deep penetration! How to Do It: Stand facing each other in the shower and hook one of her legs over your shoulder. That’s it — get busy!

2. Upgrade Your Utility Belt

Every superhero needs to choose their arsenal of gadgets very carefully. In the bedroom, your choice of toys will have your partner begging for mercy — or more. From flavoured lubes, ribbed condoms, and edible underwear, to vibrating rings and natural lubricants, there’s something for both of you to enhance your sexual pleasures. Boost your sex weaponry at goodforher.com, Toronto’s destination for sophisticated sex toys and adult DVDs.

3. Achieve Peak Physical Conditioning

physical conditioning To be a superhero in the sack, you need to work on reaching your peak physical condition to showcase your bedroom skills in the following areas: strength, speed, stamina, agility, reflexes, and durability. Here’s a position that allows you to bring out your inner Captain America, known for his fine physical form. The Super-Move: Pleasure Pick-Me-Up This position requires full-body conditioning, and can serve as a workout itself! How to Do It: Sit on the edge of the bed and have your girl straddle you while holding your shoulders. Stand up, holding onto her butt for support and keeping her feet on the bed if necessary.

4. Find Her Sexual Sixth Sense

Many superheroes have enhanced senses, and using hers to your advantage can take your sexual experience to the next level. Introduce carefully selected scents, like exotic oils and scented candles, to trigger her pheromones, then shift your focus to heightening all of her senses in the bedroom by blindfolding her. Slowly touch and tickle every inch of her body with a feather or your tongue, and tantalize her taste buds by teasing her with white chocolate truffles or melted chocolate fondue.

5. Use Your Brute Force

use brute force You need to showcase your super-human brute strength in the sack, just like the Hulk (maybe just dial it back a bit on the rage). Dominate her with your masculine force, and give it to her like the beast you are. The Super-Move: Superwoman Since you aren’t holding her entire body up, you get greater leverage, which means you’ll be able to last longer, too. How to Do It: Have her kneel in front of a couch with her arms crossed on the cushions and her head on her hands. Stand behind her, lift her body so that her legs are on either side of your hips, and start “flying!”

6. Discover Each Other’s Kryptonite

Discover that one absolutely irresistible move that will bring your partner to climax. Your kryptonite may be when she puts on your favourite bedroom shoes, or the way she arches her back when you take her from behind. Her kryptonite may be the familiar, gentle stroke you’ve mastered during oral sex. What’s important is that you use this irresistible sexual weakness at times your partner least expects it, or when you’re just about ready to call it a night and are in need of an infusion of passion.

7. Endure Through It All

endure through it all Superheroes are extremely tenacious. When you are resistant to injury, you can be a little rougher and try things you’ve never done before. Be fearless when attempting new bedroom positions, and risk it all for the sake of pleasing your partner. If she wants you doing a handstand, jumping from the sofa to the love seat, just go for it! The Super-Move: D-Man This one’s tricky, but if you can pull it off, it will be well worth it! How to Do It: Have your partner stand in front of a sturdy doorframe or chin-up bar and stand behind her, holding the frame/bar with an over-hand grip above you. Tell her to reach behind you and wrap her arms around your waist; lift your legs, and perform mini pull-ups, thrusting into her with each rep.

8. Ice, Ice, Baby

Just like the X-Man of the same name, ice is ironically an excellent way to make things hot in the bedroom while cooling you both down. Applying ice cubes to sensitive areas like her nipples or directly over her clitoris is guaranteed to shock and tantalize her senses. Try having her place ice cubes in her mouth as she gives oral — it’s definitely a welcome spine-tingling experience!

9. Have a Sidekick Handy

get a sidekick For those of you who are a little more open and exploratory with sexual activities, you might want to consider bringing an extra person into the mix. Perhaps you have a sexual fantasy you would like to role-play: it could be taking her to a strip joint and buying her a lap dance from a dancer of her choice. You might enjoy watching each other flirt with others in a bar, only to steal away and have each other for yourselves. Whatever you choose to do, be sure you both agree to it beforehand and discuss well in advance what your boundaries are when it comes to sexual activities with someone outside of your relationship.

10. Adopt an Alter Ego

Role-playing in the bedroom adds a huge element of spice to a normal routine. Take your lady shopping and suggest she try on a few wigs or hair extensions to dramatically change her look. You can play the superhero by changing from your daytime Clark Kent persona into her nighttime Superman: for example, if you’re not the dominant type in the bedroom, you can try turning the tables and exercising unusual force in your lovemaking. If you are normally the leader, have her take that role while you assume the submissive, allowing her to be completely in charge.

11. Utilize Astral Projection

Some superheroes have the ability to leave their unconscious body in spiritual form. Although it is not an extremely common power, it is something that some powerful telepaths can do. Most women require a great deal of mental and emotional stimulation to experience true out-of-body sexual experiences. You need to get into her head before sexual activity starts, as well as during foreplay. Send her a text in the middle of the day describing the things you can’t wait to do to her when you get home. Describe her favourite body part and how long you’re going to take to explore it. Get into her mind, and you will surely have her longing for you well before you get started!

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