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Do you love cycling indoors and out? Do you live in the GTA? Have you checked out Legacy yet?

If your answers looked something like: Yes. Yes. No. Then it's really time that you went and checked Legacy Indoor Cycling out. If you're still on the fence, here's a rundown of the business from the company themselves:

Andy is an energetic self starter who challenges the status quo in everything he does. When everyone said 'don't do it', Andy took a gamble in 2009 opening a studio in Toronto's underdeveloped east side, seeing the potential and believing a gym might vitalize the area. Welcome to Legacy. We’re Danforth Toronto’s East End supreme Fitness space. Proudly offering smaller format group classes, One-on-One Coaching and Fitness Instructor Certifications all with a genuine down to earth local community vibe. Our freestyle, non-choreographed classes make for an authentic experience every time you join us. Our participants love that no two classes are ever alike. We offer Indoor Cycling, Boot Camp, TRX, and Yoga. We also have fusion options pairing our Cycling Classes with Boot Camp and Yoga for those pressed for time but looking for that balance of cardio and strength training. All of our classes are set to inspiring music where we encourage participants to sing along. Our Fitness Instructor Certifications bring fitness enthusiasts together from all over the world. Here in our Danforth East studio, we have certified over 3000 Can Fit Pro Accredited Instructors. We believe in giving back. That's part of the reason that we are here. Not only to offer a relief on mental and physical health but we give to our local schools, sponsor soccer teams and have hosted numerous events to raise money for those in need because that's just what you do when you are part of a community.


Not going to lie. As a business owner Covid has been tough. There is the obvious financial hit which we read about in the News daily but there is so much more. Watching a business that you've built from the ground up shut down takes its toll emotionally and hearing from members with escalating mental health challenges because we can't offer them a place to unwind hurts even more. Suffice to say we've needed to navigate our way through this to inspire those we care about to stay afloat. I've learned above all innovation, creativity, resilience and a side of dare to be different have been key. We have gone from re-opening with reduced class sizes and creating Personal Training and Personal Gym Rental options to being closed down completely. Since the first lockdown, we have offered free virtual Indoor Cycling Classes 4 times a week. We boastfully maintain a bank with over 300 online classes. I don't charge for these classes because I know that not everyone can afford to spend right now and fitness needs to be accessible. Plus, while I'm confident we deliver an incredible experience it isn't the same as being live together. For those that don't have access to indoor cycling bikes we offer rentals. While we certainly hope that we can return to whatever the "new normal" will look like soon, we will keep going virtually as long as we have to. We are here for our members and we are here for the community at large and that won't change.

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