Canadian Views: Hiking the Highlands -
Welcome to Cape Breton Highlands National Park, one of the 48 National Parks and Park Reserves that stretch across our great country. Cape Breton Highlands National Park, founded in 1936 is the oldest National Park in Nova Scotia; each national park within Canada was created to preserve a unique ecological system that exists within that area. For the Cape Breton Highlands, this covers the iconic Cabot Trail coastline which the park hugs, containing a third of the trail itself. The area, covered in old Acadian forests boasts rugged cliffs and deep canyons. A visitor to the park can find themselves in a unique position to interact with the nature, catching glimpses of moose, bald eagles and even whales out off the coast. Cape Breton Highlands National Park offers camping, fishing and hiking. Their 26 hiking trails are spread out around the perimeter of the park for easy access, and range in length and skill level, from the 10-15 minute Green Cove, Freshwater Lake Look Out and Bog loop, to the 12km Fishing Cove hike, which takes anywhere from 5-6 hours to complete. There is sure to be something for visitors of every fitness level, providing you with not just amazing sights but challenges as well. For more information on the highlands and what they have to offer, visit Park Canada's website.
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