Does Your Summer Hair Go from Day to Night? -
Written By Angie Guenette

With the world reopening and events coming back, we need hairstyles that can be versatile for all times of the day. Here are the hottest looks you can work all day with and then dress up for a night out.

Top Knot Bun

A cute, classy and simple look that you can sport all day and night, it's great to keep your hair out of the way during the workday and makes for a chic night look.

HOW TO: Keeping your hair slicked back completely and pulling it up into a tight high ponytail to start, secure the pony with a hair elastic and then separate your hair into two sections within the pony, twist them together to create almost a braid like a twist; spray and secure with a mini clear elastic then proceed to twist it up into a small slick bun. Secure with bobby pins and lots of strong-hold hairsprays. Add some gel to the sides of your hair and back to secure flyaways.

Beachy Waves

Something about being a little messy but also put together makes for a great look no matter where you are. Beachy waves are exactly what they sound like: waves! Using a simple 1-inch wand and some texture spray you can create this messy and fun look.

HOW TO: On completely dried hair, spray some texture spray all over your hair then section your hair into two sections if thick. Using a 1-inch wand iron, wrap your hair in one-inch-thick sections away from the face around the iron. Avoid twisting the hair on the iron and make sure the hair is wrapped flat around the barrel. Let the curls cool completely and then give it a shake flipping your head upside down and running your hands through the curls to separate. Finish with a light-hold hairspray to ensure it stays but doesn't look too stiff. Keep it messy and fun.

High Pony

This style is remarkably similar to the top knot; however, instead of wrapping your hair into a bun, you are going to keep your hair out and give it lots of volume and curl. This look is super classy for nights out but also isn't too overdone if you need to work during the day.

HOW TO: Brushing the hair completely up into a high ponytail and securing with hairspray and a hair elastic, make sure it's super tight and gives you a mini facelift. Once the ponytail is secure, curl the hair with a one-inch clip iron with curls going in different waves for each section, this helps create a voluminous look to the ponytail. Make sure you curl the hair in one-inch sections and allow them to completely cool once curled, brush them out with your hands and add some texture or volume spray, backcomb the underneath of the ponytail to add even more volume. Once complete, use a thin piece of hair from the underneath of your ponytail to wrap around the elastic to give it more of a chic classy finish, secure that hair with a bobby pin or two and spray with a strong-hold hairspray. Viola!

Sleek Straight

Now, this isn't just your simple everyday straight look - we are talking full Kim K red carpet sleek vibes. It is super easy to achieve, great to wear at the office and can be converted into a sexy night out look with some hoops and a dress.

HOW TO: Blow dry the hair until it’s smooth using a shine serum or smoothing serum while making sure to keep the blow dryer pointed downwards the entire time. Moreover, remember to smooth down the hair with a paddle brush, and brush in downward motions toward the head while drying it. Run a straightener through the ends of the hair for added smoothness and then finish with a shine spray or light oil on the ends. Spray the roots and flyaways down with a strong hold hairspray and comb while tucking the hair behind the ears. Done! Smooth, sexy and super easy.

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