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Written By Laura Soulios (@laura_soulios & @body_tuned_by)

I saw the above statement the other day and it stuck with me! How true, that we allow cellulite to come in the way of our day to day especially how it controls our wardrobe and clothing choices. No matter how much we say “love your body the way it is!” reality is most of us would rather do without cellulite! First of all, what is Cellulite? Cellulite is fat deposits that are pushing through weakened connective tissue in the skin, creating a dimpled appearance. It’s most common in women and did you know that 90% of women are affected by it at some point during their lives! Yes, that’s right 90%! So what can cause Cellulite? Combination of genetics, aging and Lifestyle can all contribute to the cause of cellulite. Hereditary factors will determine how much cellulite your body will show but relative to your Lifestyle. As we age, hormonal changes also weaken our skin causing it to be less tight therefore allowing for more visibility of fat deposits. However fat cells can swell for other reasons too like when our bodies are storing toxins in fat. The more toxins our body takes in, the more swollen our fat cells become, making the cellulite more apparent. So how can we get rid of the unwanted Cellulite? Although there is no known “cure” for cellulite, it’s the appearance that we can significantly reduce! First of all, maintaining a healthy weight and body fat composition and reducing the amount of toxins stored in our body is a great start:

  • Exercising regularly – active Lifestyle can help reduce the appearance of cellulite by helping to decreases excess fat and toning the muscles.
  • Drink water – staying hydrated helps flush toxins from your body, helps maintain a healthy weight.
  • Eating well – Consuming a well balanced diet, avoiding processed foods & foods high in sugar – and organic foods are the best!
You might be saying now, well Laura… I have done all the above and yes, I do see some improvement but I want more, what can I do next? Cellulite Reduction Treatments: Yes there are cellulite treatments that actually work to target those stubborn fat pockets and achieve the reduction you are looking for. Here at Body Tuned By we use the world famous SharpLight RF/IR system. We combine two highly effective technologies: Infrared and Radio Frequency. Each of these technologies are different and on their own they are wonderful, but when you combine them, WOW! They work amazing together. They target water and heat up the fat cells collected beneath the skin. The subcutaneous fat to be scientific. The heat causes the fat inside the cells to become liquefied and to significantly shrink and collapse the fat cells. The fat is then naturally cleared by the body’s natural mechanisms of lymphatic flow and when in the bloodstream it is used as fuel. Also, the heat causes the skin to tighten up so at the end of the treatment you will enjoy a tighter, firm, less dimpled more youthful looking skin. These treatments are approximately one hour in duration. They are non-invasive treatments with zero down time and no pain, so you are able to continue your regular day after the session. The typical treatment plan is 8-12 sessions per body part, spaced 1-2 weeks apart, depending on the area. These treatments can also be done anywhere on the body including stomach, legs, back, arms etc. Applying Cellulite Creams and Thigh Bands: Together with the cellulite reduction treatments here at Body Tuned By we incorporate the use of DripFit’s 100% natural workout intensifier and Thigh Bands. Both help to tighten the skin, improve blood flow, prevention of injury & recovery and help reduce cellulite. The cream and thigh bands can be used every day and we highly recommended it, to maintain and to continue to get results! The cream can also be used everywhere on the body and DripFit also has a stomach sweat band! I personally love to apply the cream and both sets of bands and go into my infrared sauna to really help drain the toxins, it’s an incredible feeling! Regular massages: Yes, deep tissue massages performed on cellulite affected areas will help to reduce your cellulite and improve the blood circulation! Lymphatic specific massages are phenomenal for ridding the body of water retention and helps with increasing lymphatic flow. Do search out specialized therapist that can properly perform these techniques. Our award-winning therapists of over 20 years specializes in the above-mentioned areas and so much more. Dry Brush: Dry Brushing also helps to break up the toxic material that cellulite is made of. It will also tighten the skin and help to reduce your cellulite. For best results use this in combination with the DripFit creams every day and incorporate our cellulite reduction in spa treatments for maximum results. Even though there is no “cure” for cellulite these tips and treatments will absolutely help to reduce your cellulite. I have helped hundreds of women feel more confident in their own skin and they have stopped allowing their cellulite to pick their clothing! So, if you are one of the 90% that are affected by cellulite, don’t lose hope there are natural solutions that will help you achieve your goals, and I’m here to help you!
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