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Written by Coach Laura Soulios (@body_tuned_by)

As the holiday season approaches, it is easy to find ourselves straying from our usual wellness routines amidst the joyous celebrations. However, the holidays can be a time of joy without compromising your well-being. In this article, I’ll be unwrapping the secrets to maintaining your ‘best self’ throughout the holiday cheer.

1: Mindfulness

Learn the art of savouring your meals, especially your favorite holiday treats without overindulging. Mindful eating practices will allow you to enjoy all the flavours of the season without guilt. So, take time to enjoy each and every bite!

2: Festive Fitness

Get creative ways to stay active during the holidays, from festive-themed workouts (like doing 10 push-ups ups every time you see a Christmas tree during a Christmas movie or TV show) to incorporating family activities such as a family walks between appetizers and the main course being served. Keep your body moving while embracing the holiday spirit.

3: Healthy Recipes

Dive into nutrition and delicious recipes that bring the holiday cheer to your table. From guilt-free desserts to wholesome main courses. Check out my new cookbook which is available with mouthwatering recipes that will leave you and your guests wanting more.

4: Stress Management

The holidays can definitely be stressful, but they don't have to be. Practice stress management techniques to navigate family gatherings, social events with ease. A simple one is to learn to say ‘NO’ so you are not overstretched socially running from party to party.

5: Hydration

Do not forget the importance of hydration. Prioritize your water intake, especially during the holiday season. The impact of all the seasonal drinks can have a negative impact on your overall well-being. Alcohol and caffeinated drinks can dehydrate you without you realizing so keep the water flowing.

6: Sleep

In order to ensure that your holidays are filled with energy you have to focus on sleep. Take that afternoon nap if your schedule allows and if your body is asking for it.

7: Stick to Your Routine

Try hard to maintain your usual routines, even among the holiday chaos. From scheduling workouts to finding moments for walks, learn how to maintain and keep that happy balance.

8: Set Realistic Goals

Instead of pressuring yourself with New Year’s resolutions, make sure they are realistic and achievable. Break them down into smaller goals so you can ultimately achieve the end goal. Do not become a statistic like others in February who have given up. See it through this year.

Unwrap your best self this holiday season by incorporating these 8 tips into your celebrations and daily life. Embrace the joy of the season without compromising your health and well-being. Cheers to a holiday filled with wellness, warmth, and wonderful memories.

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