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We’ve spoken a lot about the nature that our country has to offer. From coast-to-coast there is a plethora of hiking opportunities that will bring you not just closer to nature, but offer unique fitness challenges that you just won’t be able to get inside of the gym. If you’re looking to push yourself to the limits, Canada is full of unique hikes for you, but what about a trip into the forgotten?

Well, Newfoundland can provide that too at “Trinity Loop” an abandon amusement park located in, surprisingly, Trinity, Newfoundland! The name actually predates the amusement park, referencing a railway that was built around a nearby lake in order to get a the train to the town of Trinity while navigating the hilly country side. The area inside of the loop was then turned into an amusement park in the 1980s; the park lasted until 2004 when it was closed and the area’s ownership was reverted to the government. It is now considered crownland.

Although there is some interest in the town of Trinity to restore the area to it’s former glory, it is currently a dilapidated, forgotten space that provides an eerie, ghost like quality for anyone who decides to pass through.

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