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This year we have a new opportunity for you to gain the ultimate access to every aspect of our Hot & Fit 100: The HF 100 Gold Membership!

What is the HF 100 Gold Membership & Why Do I Need It?

This year, to ease organization, we decreased the number of free photos that you can submit to the Hot & Fit 100 to two. After all, when we're making our selections for the contest, it always only comes down to one. However, if you're looking to give yourself a slight edge, and avoid making painful cuts between your photo favourites, the HF 100 Gold Membership offers you a 15 photo package.

Alongside these photos, you'll also receive the HF100 Special Guide, an invaluable resource packed with tips, techniques, and expert advice to enhance your submission process. This guide is designed to help you better understand what goes into the Hot & Fit 100 selection process, and answer all your questions about what you should do when you're planning, and selecting your photos.

If that's not enough, as a HF 100 Gold Member you'll gain you'll gain one-year access to every digital issue of Inside Fitness and Inside Fitness Women, totaling over 20,000 pages of fitness content. You'll also be among the first to see the 15th Annual Hot & Fit 100, with early access to the release on January 16, 2024.

Moreover, HF 100 Gold Membership offers you a free PVL promotional code or gift card. Take advantage of this opportunity to try out new fitness products, supplements, or apparel.

An Opportunity that Can’t Be Missed!

As you can see, the HF 100 Gold Membership offers you an edge in our 15th Annual Hot & Fit 100 competition that you don’t want to be missing. Be sure to purchase your package fast, as there are only a limited number available, and it will be sold on a first come first serve basis.

If you miss out on the HF 100 Gold Membership, don’t worry, you will still be able to submit through our free entry, or one of the lower level packages if still available. While the HF 100 Gold Membership helps increase your odds of being accepted, it does not guarantee you a spot. Any of our packages, including the free one, will gain winners in the Hot & Fit 100.

To enter the Hot & Fit 100, visit our page to register.

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