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By Marta Ustyanich A gluten-free diet doesn’t have to break the bank, as celiac sufferer Katie Pounder has learned after seven years living gluten-free. “Trying to stick to the basics with foods that are naturally gluten-free (with an occasional gluten-free treat here and there) has really helped my budget and my general health,” she says. Abby Langer, RD, of Abby Langer Nutrition in Toronto, also reminds her clients that their diet doesn’t have to be drastically different from a non-celiac. “Try different grains and healthy, unprocessed foods,” she suggests. “Try to think outside the box.” If you’re going gluten-free, here are some delicious, natural options that will satisfy and keep unpleasant symptoms at bay. Grains: White/brown rice, quinoa, millet, amaranth, buckwheat, gluten-free oats, flaxseed. Flours and Starches: Potato starch/flour, cornstarch, cornmeal, polenta, almond meal and other nut flours, soy flour, and other plant-based flours (except wheat, rye, and barley). Fruits and Veggies: Take your pick! Dairy: Butter, milk, yogurt, all cheese except blue cheese, etc. Proteins: Eggs, chicken breasts/legs, whole turkey, ground beef, steak, buffalo, all fish, etc.
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