Discover the Underrated Fat Loss Supplements -
Written by Travis Hansen (ResultsbyScience)

1: Caffeine/Green tea extract

These two thermogenics can help suppress appetite to a moderate degree, and help you burn some extra calories each day which add up in the long run. According to former bodybuilder and fat loss expert Tom Venuto, green tea extract can provide you with an extra 100 calories per day burned on average. When you do the math, this amounts to just over an extra pound of fat loss per month.

The proper dosage for a solid metabolic response would be a cup or two. In addition to the fat loss effects, both supplements are loaded with several antioxidants and have other benefits for athletes in addition to what they provide for fat/weight loss efforts. In case you are curious, the catechins found in Green Tea can activate a family of fat loss genes called EGCG which are responsible for the slight boost in your metabolism.

2: Calcium

Lyle McDonald is without question the leading fat loss expert in the world today. We haven't even begun to get caught up with all the information he uncovered and discovered decades ago. Pertinent to this discussion, Lyle talked about the fat mobilizing effects that calcium could provide aspiring fat loss enthusiasts. It's definitely a supplement that is worthwhile if you are looking to add to your fat loss supplement arsenal and stack up the effects of each.

3: Hard work!

No supplement will do anything if you aren’t eating right and busting your tail in the gym on a regular basis. In terms of priorities, no supplement on earth will provide positive body composition changes as sound eating and training will. It's not even a comparison on any level. With that being said, you can save yourself and others tremendous time and energy by simply accepting this reality and putting in extra time in the gym if you aren't already. Exercise is the best supplement for faster fat loss in most instances.

In closing, the hidden benefit with point number three is that it primes your fat loss psychology appropriately. Too often people are searching for excuses and then rationalizations that are very self limiting when trying to achieve your dream body. Many of these excuses take form in popular dietary trends and “biohacks” which are running rampant on the training market today.

In other words, trying to come up with any idea or approach to ignore the fact that you are going to have to suffer and work extremely hard in your training to lose legitimate body fat and keep it off. Please bear in mind that the messages we absorb and tell ourselves set the stage for our behaviors and what we will accomplish in the future. It's most important to train your mind right first, and then focus on building that perfect physique.

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