The Secrets of the Grill -
By Stephanie La Leggia Little-known facts about your BBQ favourites
  • In 2014, Zack (Danger) Brown earned himself more than $40,000 through Kickstarter after simply posting that he would like a $10 donation to make a potato salad.
  • Barbecuing has become something of a competitive sport, according to ESPN. There are now hundreds of events taking place around the globe.
  • Just under half of BBQ-eaters name corn on the cob as their favourite veggie dish.
  • The most popular flavour of BBQ sauce is hickory.
  • On average, an empty BBQ propane tank weighs between 17 and 19 pounds.
  • Marinating your meat with rosemary has been proven to reduce those cancer-causing HCAs, which can result from cooking meat at high temperatures.
  • Barbecues are a popular tradition at the White House, with the first being held by Lyndon B. Johnson, who had BBQs installed on the roof of his presidential palace.
  • According to evidence discovered in Kenya by anthropologist Ralph Rowlett, cooking over a tamed fire is a practice that’s more than 1.6 million years old.
  • The word “coleslaw” is the English translation of the Dutch term koolsalade, literally meaning cabbage salad.
  • It is strongly suspected that the first hamburger was created in 1900 by lunch-cart owner and New Haven resident Louis Lassen, who served ground-beef sandwiches.
  • Before he was a wiener jingle, Oscar Mayer was an actual person. He and his brother Gottfried sold fried meats in Chicago, beginning in 1883.
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