Build Your Dream Stage Body with PVL's Fat Attack Stack -
Written by Sandra Sorgini

In order to be successful on any bodybuilding stage, body fat percentages must be very low! Celeste Chandler, IFBB Wellness PRO, online coach and Pure Vita Labs Athlete is extremely familiar with presenting the best package possible for competition that involves minimal body fat. Celeste earned her PRO Card in 2022. Emily Hammond, IFBB Figure Competitor and PVL Athlete is all too familiar as well. These ladies trust Pure Vita Labs sports nutrition products to support them in their body composition goals for stage. Whether you desire a dream stage body or you are simply building your dream body for life, PVL will be there for every step, snapshot, hair flick, bedazzled bikini and spray tan along the way.

PVL Carnitine 750 helps release energy from stored body fat. In living cells, it's required for the transport of fatty acids into the mitochondria to be used as energy during exercise. PVL Carnitine capsules are pharmaceutical grade, pure, simple, and Informed Choice certified, so you know these products have been tested for all banned substances.

Here are four important features of PVL Carnitine capsules:

  • SUPPORTS METABOLISM – L-Carnitine can help transport fat to be used for energy and to help improve body composition.
  • ADDED ABSORPTION AGENT BIOPERINE – The patented absorption agent BioPerine is added to PVL Carnitine Capsules to make it a stand-out formula in its class. BioPerine is a patented extract of piperine that is easy for your body to absorb. Studies show that piperine might help enhance nutrient absorption, stabilize blood sugar levels, combat cancer cell growth, decrease inflammation, and boost brain function
  • TOTAL POTENCY THAT'S 2ND TO NONE – Each dose has 2250 mg of the proven level of the stabilized form of L-Carnitine (L-Carnitine-L-Tartrate).
  • PROVEN LEVEL OF L-CARNITINE – L-Carnitine has many uses (nitric oxide potentiation, male virility, and exercise recovery) but is most notably sought out to help transport fat to be used for energy and to help improve body composition.

PVL's CLA 1250 is a high potency CLA supplement with a full 1250mg per capsule. CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) is a "fat–burning" dietary fat that works in 2 ways:

1) increases lean muscle tissue metabolism by enhancing the enzyme activity in muscle cells

2) helps prevent dietary fat from entering fat cells. This has been shown in over 50 scientific studies to reduce fat and improve body composition.

Key features of this product are:

  • WEIGHT LOSS – PVL Isolated CLA is a powerful fat burner and weight-loss supplement and most definitely athlete tested and approved.
  • 25% HIGHER POTENCY – this product delivers 1250 milligrams per softgel in comparison to competing CLA brands which contain only 1000 milligrams
  • IMPROVE BODY COMPOSITION – helps prevent dietary fat from entering fat cells, keeping you leaner
  • LEAN MUSCLE – this metabolism booster enhances the enzyme activity in your muscle cells
  • SOFTGELS – these are high-quality diet pills for weight loss in an easily digestible softgel to minimize any stomach discomfort

Stack Em to get ripped and ready!

CLA and L-Carnitine combine for a perfect, stimulant free, fat attack stack. Both CLA and L-Carnitine help the body partition fat to be used as energy, slow fat storage, and increase mobilization without the use of caffeine. PVL offers a stacking option to assist you in building your dream stage body or simply your body for life!

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