Product Spotlight: AllMax Hexapro Popcorn -

Popcorn - it's the ultimate light and tasty snack that applies to just about any situation. Whether you're about to watch a movie, at a sporting event, or just looking for a quick snack, popcorn is a light, flavourful go-to.

However, have you ever thought that you could increase your Protein intake with popcorn? Well, now you can with Hexapro Protein Popcorn!

HEXAPRO™ Protein Popcorn is a fun and convenient way to increase your daily protein intake – in a super-tasty way. Jam-packed with 20 g of protein per bag.

HEXAPRO™ Protein Popcorn uses only Non-GMO corn that is air-popped to perfection with zero trans fats. Since every batch is made with the best tasting protein powder on the market – ALLMAX HEXAPRO™, it’s the perfect snack after a workout, while streaming a movie or on-the-go.


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