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Written by Sandra Sorgini

As a former Semi Pro Soccer player turned Body Transformation Coach for athletic women, secondary school phys ed teacher and certified personal training specialist, published fitness model in numerous publications including Inside Fitness Hot and Fit 100 two years in a row, cover model, working model and actress and Pure Vita Labs Ambassador, I trust PVL as my sports nutrition brand of choice for myself and for my athletic female clients. Sculpting strong sporty sexy athletic bodies and teaching healthy and sustainable methods that prioritize protein, specifically PVL IsoGold is truly a passion of mine and a responsibility I embrace wholeheartedly.

Why do I trust PVL IsoGold? It’s simple! I demand premium quality and performance and the peak performing women I coach also want the same. Pure Vita Labs products are developed in collaboration with a select group of nutritionists, trainers, and both professional and amateur athletes – each formula is researched, tested, and athlete-approved. This is why you can trust PVL as well.

Here are 4 amazing reasons why peak performing women like myself and my team of tomboys turn to PVL IsoGold protein:

1: High in Protein

ISOGOLD is high in protein, which helps build and repair body tissue and aids the production of antibodies. It truly is an award-winning isolated whey protein with zero fillers and an exceptional taste bringing together all the necessary technologies for superior uptake, delivery, and performance. Eating more protein, combined with regular physical activity, can help women's bodies maintain the muscle tone needed as they age. It can also serve as a buffer against the oxidative damage on the cells caused by stress. Increasing your protein intake will help you see the body composition changes you are after. The first and most important reason is that protein will help you maintain lean muscle mass. Lean muscle will help you look slim, toned, and fit. Without protein, you won’t be able to build, let alone support, your lean muscle mass. Losing muscle often means losing mobility, becoming more inactive, living a less fulfilling life and even injury.

The second reason is for healthy hair, skin and nails. Protein is essential for healthy hair, skin, and nails because they are made from protein. More specifically, they are all made from a structural protein called keratin. As keratin is made of protein you need to give your body the right building blocks in order to keep making it. Staying fuller, longer is another reason why prioritizing protein is a must. If you’re used to eating a low-protein diet then you probably find yourself feeling hungry more often than not. Since protein takes longer to digest than other macronutrients, you’re going to feel fuller, longer which will help you stick to nutrition and fitness goals and in turn sculpt your body.

The final reason why prioritizing protein is crucial for overall health and wellness is that it helps to keep bones healthy. The factors that affect muscle growth, including protein intake, also affect bone mass. Changes in bone mass, muscle mass, and strength track together over the life span. So, basically strong muscles make for strong bones, and for that you need protein! I practice what I preach. With a background in kinesiology, I fuel my body impeccably and I teach women the fundamentals of nutrition through practical tools and strategies for eating sustainably because, athletic women need to eat! Every woman needs protein, no matter what stage of life you’re in or what your goals are. If you want to improve your overall health and look and feel amazing, protein is your best friend – and PVL IsoGOLD has all the qualities of a BFF!

2: Quality Control Tested Beyond Comparison

Quality and safety standards are of the highest standard in the industry – PVL products are tested BEYOND what is normally required. Formulated without banned substances and drug tested (Informed-Choice Certified) puts Pure Vita Labs on another level. This works for me as my strong formula methodology also goes above and beyond and is on another level of body transformation excellence. Health-conscious moms and athletes want clean products. Rigorous testing ensures this. Only the best, tested, cleanest and approved products meet high performing mothers’ high expectations and standards for their own health and wellness and for their beloved families as well.

3: Superior Whey Isolate & Hydrolysate Technology

Whey is an incredibly high-quality protein that’s fast-digesting and rich in BCAAs. Protein isolates go through an additional filtration process, which reduces the amount of fat and carbohydrates, leaving 90 percent or more protein by weight. This makes them slightly faster-digesting. Since isolates usually contain a bit less fat and carbohydrates than concentrates, they might be a slightly better choice for those who are carefully limiting their fat or carb intake.

Protein hydrolysate allows amino acids to be absorbed by the body more rapidly than intact proteins, thus maximizing nutrient delivery to muscle tissues. The protein undergoes additional processing with heat, enzymes, or acid, which further breaks apart the protein chains into shorter peptides. The wonder women of families, the glue that keeps everything and everyone together, the do it all and be it all, moms and athletes need and want to reach their goals as efficiently as possible. This means they don’t want to waste time or money. They want reliable, efficient products as they care for themselves and others all the while sculpting, shaping and building sporty sexy bodies. Peak performing women like myself and my team of superheroine tomboy clients turn to the best in the sports nutrition industry when it comes to superior protein that will build strong, sporty sexy bodies. We focus on excellence when it comes to sculpting sporty sexy bodies and prioritizing award-winning protein to get my clients the results they are after is an absolute slam dunk!

4: Award Winning Features

27 g of Protein Per Serving

When selecting a protein powder each serving should contain at least 20g of protein per serving as muscle protein synthesis is maximally stimulated with larger doses. However, keep in mind that 20g is the minimum threshold, PVL IsoGold contains 27 g per serving and Natural Series IsoSport Whey contains 30 g per serving. This is the perfect amount for busy moms on the go who need to ensure they are getting the protein they need for adequate muscle synthesis.

1 Billion CFU Shelf–stable Probiotic DE111 Per Scoop

Probiotic dosage is expressed in CFU, or colony forming units. This estimates the number of live microbes capable of forming colonies in laboratory testing. CFU is determined in the laboratory because it tells you the viability of the bacteria before they’re exposed to the GI tract. A total daily dose of one billion CFU is said to be the minimum effective amount. DE111 is a genome sequenced and clinically tested strain of Bacillus subtilis, a probiotic spore that supports digestive and immune health. With an effective amount of probiotic like IsoGold contains, one is sure to build muscle and care for their digestive and immune health at the same time.

No Hidden or Inferior Proteins & No Amino Spiking

Amino spiking is the act of using low grade amino acids (usually L-Taurine and/or L-Glycine) to bump up the overall protein content of a powder. You won’t find inferiority associated with PVL!

6 g Naturally Occurring BCAAs

Muscle protein synthesis is the process your body uses to repair and build muscle after exercise. Branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), a subcategory of EAAs, are especially important for their role in muscle protein synthesis. IsoGOLd contains BCAAs along with EAA’s to ensure exceptional muscle building capability.


ISO GOLD is the premium isolated whey protein you have been looking for. With key features as enzyme fortified, probiotic strengthened, sweetened with sucralose only (No Aspartame), easy digesting, quicker uptake and manufacturer-direct how could you possibly go wrong? I rely on Pure Vita Labs IsoGold Protein Powder to sculpt strong, sporty sexy bodies worthy of fitness model status while teaching sustainable health and wellness methods prioritizing protein. With high standards of excellence for myself and my Tomboy clients, my protein of choice as a Pure Vita Labs Ambassador is always IsoGOLD.

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