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Written by Sandra Sorgini

Emily Adams, Fitness Coach and PVL Athlete known for Personal Training/Lifestyle/Bikini Prep as part of her coaching relies on sports supplements that will, without a doubt, assist her clients in transforming their bodies for life or stage! As a published model and coach, her body composition goals rest on the use of supportive sports supplements that provide her with the ability to build a strong, healthy body.

The Pure Vita Labs Performance Series has transitioned to the Natural Series with a new and improved look and formula for 2023. The Natural Series is the same product we know and love just better! With its clean, streamlined look and zero artificial flavours, colours and sweeteners, this PVL line continues to be 100% natural but has the added bonus of premium probiotic DE111 included. DE111 crowds out bacterial pathogens and maintains healthy gut microbiota, supports the normal immune reaction of intestinal cells, communicates with intestinal cells to maintain the gut barrier’s function and can persist in the GI tract, increase its numbers, and then re-sporulate.

A few key benefits for athletes:

  • For the athlete seeking to optimize performance or the individual interested in rebalancing their microbiome, DE111 produces metabolites that help the body absorb key nutrients.
  • Recovery is a key aspect of athletic performance and self-care. DE111 supports recuperation so athletes are ready to train, compete, and perform.
  • In conjunction with adequate post-workout nutrition, DE111 has been shown to support reduced body fat percentage in female athletes.

Protein helps build and repair body tissues (like lean muscle) and helps build antibodies. Whey isolate protein is considered by most athletes and coaches as the ultimate "gold standard" protein. PVL Iso Sport Whey is the cleaner, leaner and faster absorbing whey isolate formula. It mixes easily and tastes great. This low carb, low-fat formula, free from artificial colors, flavors, and sweeteners is the best choice for the elite athlete. Plus, it's certified by Informed Choice, so you know it's been tested for banned substances by the world-class sports anti-doping lab – LGC. With 30 g of protein per serving this is a true champion for meeting your body composition goals. This is why coaches like Emily Adams trust PVL to support their clients as they work towards making body transformation changes and even prepping for competition.

With the added DE111 now in the Natural Series, PVL protein powders (in the Natural Series or Gold Series) are the golden standard for sports nutrition supplements. The Natural Series is heading into 2023 with a new improved look and formula and will be sure to assist coaches like Emily and her clients in improving their own look and formulas to bring about body transformation changes in the most effective and efficient way!

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