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Quotes from our 15th anniversary issue

Johnny Fitness

NDD former co-publisher and Editor- in-Chief Muscle Mag International

“Having reached an age when a man should finally know ''what's what'' and is well-schooled in assessing those who are good, bad and nasty among those he's met along his road through life, I have no hesitation in stating the following of Terry Frendo: Terry, in all the years I've known you, first as a respected co-worker at Muscle Mag International, and later as a valued friend, I have always admired your character and work ethic. You have shown yourself to be one of the rare breeds of business savvy men who put honesty and integrity before the blind, greed-driven thirst for making money either ethically or otherwise. I'm afraid falling into the money-hungry pit and putting profit over value is something I've witnessed far too often during my 80-plus years on this mudball, and the decades spent as co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of MMI. You're a conscience-driven self-made publisher of a leading light in the field of fitness and self improvement. I hope to enjoy and be enlightened by both Inside Fitness and your podcast, for years to come.” 

Glen E Grant

Photographer & IFM Contributor 

“I met Terry in the spring of 2008, started a conversation on his new publication (Inside Fitness) and ideas and I am filled with them. IFM & Terry have embraced and opened up the publication in support of true industry unknowns, with a focus on our great Canadian fitness athletes, which back in those days was a great deviation and metered risk undertaken. Over the years working with the publication has led to many great moments such as the introduction of HF100, which in it’s concept I was allowed a key role and the ability to carve a place which further resulted in other great inclusions such as the Girls of Summer featuring many unknown Saskatchewan models (2011). More recently, Terry allowed me the opportunity to highlight more unknown Canadian talent in a feature on para-athlete Isaiah Christophe. The inroad carved for many current influential fitness & modeling careers have been birth by the willingness of IFM to open up its pages. Ultimately it is the respect that I have for Terry Frendo and the publication that allows me to continue to work with the publication, as it provides opportunities and stories that cannot be found anywhere else.”

Sarah Ainsley Harrison

PTS FST FMT EC1 CF-L1 CNP & Current IFM Writer

“To me, Inside Fitness Magazine is synonymous with fact seeking and truth speaking. In the fitness and nutrition industry there are a lot of uncertified amateurs giving out advice as though they are trained professionals. It is important that Canadian's can have access to good sourced information from experienced and educated professionals within their scope of practice. In a world of bro-science myths, IFM readers can get real science, veracity, and helpful advice that is relevant to most people's lives." 

 Belinda Kiriakou

Hot & Fit Winner 2013

It's been a bit over 10 years since my first encounter with Terry and his team at Inside Fitness Magazine; if you had told me back in the day that what started initially as a last-minute opportunity to hostess the second IFM Hot & Fit 100 party would eventually become a sequence of amazing collaborations for years to come afterwards, I would have not believed you! My husband, George and I also officially met at this party (True story!) George then introduced me to Arthur, owner of Arsenik Studios Inc. and Empire Productions and I had my first professional fitness modelling photoshoot at his studio inside the IFM head office. Continuing to shoot with Arthur I had my photos published in the IFM Hot & Fit 100, earning the #4 spot twice in 2011/2012 to then winning the coveted cover title in 2013. Big-up's to Cherry for my hair and makeup on all these publications. During my time from competing as a novice to a WBFF Diva Bikini Pro to an IFBB Bikini Pro - IFM also provided an incredible platform for me in their own fitness model competitions and opportunities in writing articles. I am forever grateful for Terry, Arthur and Cherry and the entire IFM Team for all these years of working together and supporting me throughout my journey. The cover title has proudly been used as a resume within my work both in the fitness and hospitality industry and since then, has propelled me further to keep breaking barriers for women globally. Thank you for having me a part of the IFM family - Canada's best of the best!”

Sabrina Virdee

Nutritionist & Current IFM Writer

“Happy Anniversary IFM + Terry!!! I am extremely honoured to be apart of Canada’s leading force in the Fitness Industry. Terry has been a huge supporter of my work from day one. He has been a great leader and a brilliant friend. Seeing how the magazine has evolved over the years is truly inspirational, and what a massive accomplishment it is. Thank you, Terry for your constant support, check ins and the random yet deep conversations. I am so proud to be apart of your team, and look forward to the many celebrations ahead.”

Natalie Gonzalez

Hot & Fit Winner 2018

“There are milestones in life that force you to change as a person. These milestones form the pathways for our future and winning the cover of Hot & Fit helped to pave the way for my life today as it has for many others. When you believe in yourself that’s one thing, but when you become part of a community that cheers and supports each other, that’s winning. IFM is not just a publication company, it is a pinnacle of our Canadian fitness community and we should always support businesses that create positive platforms for growth. Happy 15th anniversary IFM, we will always be grateful for you.”