Inside Fitness Magazine - Issue #102 - Summer 2023

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Inside Fitness #102 - Summer 2023 presents PVL Athlete Shai Ross on the cover, a renowned fitness expert and inspirational figure in the athletic community. This edition offers readers an exclusive opportunity to delve into Shai Ross's personal workout routine, allowing them to learn from the best and incorporate his fitness secrets into their own training.

The issue also introduces a special segment titled "Drive Long with Ryan Gregnol," where readers can explore valuable tips and techniques to enhance their driving distance, potentially in golf or other sports. Ryan Gregnol's expertise promises to help readers optimize their athletic performance and improve their overall fitness.

Inside the magazine, readers will discover a collection of articles featuring the hottest BBQ Recipes, perfect for the summer season. These delectable and nutritious recipes are tailored to meet the needs of fitness enthusiasts who are conscious of maintaining a healthy lifestyle while enjoying flavorful meals.

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