Boost Your Energy with a Walk (Better than Coffee!) -
Written by Fitness Expert Julie Germaine

Grabbing a java is the priority for many people first thing in the morning. If you’re being honest, you may drink a whole pot to yourself by the time the work day wraps, but did you know that reaching for your runners before breakfast can be a more effective way to wake up (and make you feel better) than drinking a cup of coffee?

Trusted experts state that exercise triggers changes in your brain’s neurotransmitters, including dopamine, serotonin, histamine, and norepinephrine. Just walking alone improves blood circulation throughout the body and helps oxygen and nutrients reach your brain and muscles. Summary: Exercise makes you more alert!

ONE: Better Total Health

A walk inside or outside not only makes you more present and effective at work, it’s also an effective way to ensure your weight stays within a healthy range (and will enable you to burn calories to reduce stored body fat). A consistent exercise routine, including walking or cycling, will elevate your mood, benefit cardiovascular health, and positively affect memory function.

TWO: It Changes Your Environment

Enjoy a refreshing change of scenery and create a mental ‘reset’ by moving out of your work space. Even 10 short minutes makes a big difference.

THREE: Your Sleep Improves

Caffeine is proven to contribute to sleeplessness, leading you to be exhausted and less productive the next day. Rather, going for a walk will actually help you sleep better at night. If you can bundle up and enjoy sunshine outside in Manitoba’s cold January, you can also get fresh air, vitamin D, and regulate your circadian rhythm (very important factor in sleep quality).

FOUR: Zero Negative Side Effects

What a bonus! A short walk is nothing but healthy and natural! Compared to caffeine, which can cause jitters, nausea, irritability, and more yucky side-effects.

FIVE: Calorie-Free

Not too many people opt for black coffee, so you are adding unnecessary sugars to your diet when you choose coffee over exercise. On the other hand, walking daily will truly help you support healthy weight levels.

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