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Written by Travis Hansen (ResultsbyScience)

The knee joint is one that is inherently designed for stability over mobility and flexibility. In simple terms, it's just a common hinge joint like your elbow and should be treated as such. Here are 3 practical training tips that your knees will thank you for later.

1: Unlock your ankles

Have you ever felt pain at the top of the knee, or behind your kneecap when you attempted a squat? The problem isn't the squat as many would like to have you believe. Instead, you could lack healthy motion at the ankle which creates both improper and excessive movement at the knee.

2: The Box Squat

Not only is this drill great for heavy lifters looking to ramp up their leg strength, but you can intelligently prescribe box squats to elicit more hip development and unload your knees naturally in the process.

3: Trunk Angle

Research and plenty of real world evidence has consistently shown that a slight chest down orientation, or forward angle of the trunk as you lunge, squat, hinge, or deadlift can reduce compression levels at the knee and alleviate pain instantly.

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