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Written by Tim Rigby, M.A., NSCA-CPT
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Always wondered if plyometrics are right for you? Ask yourself a simple question: “Do I want to develop explosive power?” The answer is likely in the affirmative, and thus manifests the usefulness of this mode of training.

The beauty of plyometrics is that no equipment is necessary; you can perform several plyometric exercises with bodyweight alone. Should you develop your strength and skill to an advanced level, you’re certainly free to incorporate weights (or other form of resistance) for a greater challenge, and to develop your gains in explosive power to an even higher level.

Another advantage of plyometric training is that it has very useful applications in sports. In just about every game across the spectrum, the ability to possess more speed and strength than your opponent is key to success. Additionally, if you’re a track athlete participating in anything from long jump to shot put, the element of explosive power has an enormous influence on your performance.

Now that we’ve discussed the utility of plyometrics training, let’s delve into three specific movements which serve as an excellent introduction to this training mode. These three are the plyo-burpee; the box jump; and the clap pushup. We’ll go into each of these in detail herein and conclude with an effective plyometrics workout to get your feet wet.


Just about anyone remotely connected to fitness is familiar with this exercise name, but there are a surprisingly high number of individuals who don’t know how to perform it – especially using the plyometric variation. These people simply know it’s grueling and very much a full-body exercise. It’s not only great for developing explosive strength, but performing multiple reps (and/or taking short rests between sets) yields excellent cardiovascular benefits too.

How to perform: Assume the same start position as a regular burpee by getting into a push-up state with arms extended in the plane of your upper chest. Unlike the conventional burpee, you won’t actually perform the push-up segment in this move. Begin by “jumping” your legs forward so that your flexed knees reach your arms. Upon reaching this point, press forcefully into the ground to extend your legs and jump explosively vertically. After landing, return your arms to their original position, followed by your legs.


An ordinary box jump is fairly straightforward in that you begin by simply standing in front of a box of which you’re capable of jumping onto its surface. Your arms are low at your sides, you sink into a quarter-squat and then jump, and you land in a similar way as you began. This is a “non-counter” movement.

How to perform: The plyometric version of the box jump involves raising your arms overhead to begin the movement, then slamming them downward, effectively adding a “counter” element for increased elastic stretch which fosters greater explosiveness. Think “fast down, fast up”. Upon landing, remember to employ a slight bend in your knees for safety.


As the name suggests, this exercise involves a standard pushup along with a clap element. This forces you to use explosiveness during the concentric portion of the lift in order to achieve a clap with your hands while you’re supported temporarily by only your toes. You’ll gain great power in your chest, triceps, front shoulders and core with this move.

How to perform: Get into a pushup position with your body extended, facing the floor. Pay particular attention to placing your hands in line with your mid-chest – not squarely across in line with your clavicle. After reaching the bottom position, press forcefully into the floor to extend your arms and push your torso into the air. While at your apex, quickly clap your hands and then “catch” yourself by returning them to their original position.

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Exercise Sets Reps Rest
Plyo-Burpee 4 8-10 1:00 min.
Box Jump 4 8-10 45 secs.
Clap Pushup 4 AMRAP 30 secs.

AMRAP = As many reps as possible until you reach failure.

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