Three Tips for Glute Training -
Written by Travis Hansen ( )

There currently exists no shortage of glute training advice whatsoever, but it's still important to discern the quality of advice in this arena. Right now, you will either learn or revisit three quick tips to optimize your strength and size of your Glutes during training. Enjoy!

Tip #1: Utilize Lower Body Compound Movements

Much of the hype with regard to glute development is narrow focused on being specific. Glute bridges and hip thrusts are fine and dandy, but don't shortchange yourself and skip out on your heavy lunges, deadlifts, squats, and sprints!

Tip #2: Add Variation

The main reason why you want variation when it comes to glute work doesn't deal with your body adapting and becoming unresponsive to a regular drill like many still believe. Rather different glute variations emphasize "regional" differences according to research. For example, lunges hit your lower glutes, end range hip extension drills train the glutes more, and glute bridges hammer the center region of the glutes.

Tip #3: Use a Wide Spectrum of Reps

Glute training is best achieved with an array of reps divided out properly over the course of your training weeks. This is reflective of certain drills being more suitable to higher versus lower reps. This is because of loading capacity differences, range of motion, and stability levels associated with each drill, among other things.


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