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Written by Julie Germaine

I don’t know about you, but the return of green grass and warm sunny skies after half a year of winter just makes you appreciate summer all the more. The cold weather driven indoor activities we’ve been up to makes it even more important to start getting outside for vitamin D and exercise as much as possible.

Unfortunately, we’ve all been leading a more sedative lifestyle, so it can be difficult to flip the momentum in favour of better health. There are many ways to burn calories, get active, and breathe fresh air that are fun for the whole family! If you can find one that you enjoy, it will be easy to shed that stubborn winter weight and belly fat that naturally creeps on during the hibernation season.

Making fitness a family event is a great way to spend quality time while burning some calories and easing into activity. My pre-schooler was very excited to help her grandmother plant seeds in the garden last spring, and is more than willing to tote along her little watering can (heavy to her) to tend to them when needed. This activity is suitable for all ages, and you’ll work up a sweat lifting, carrying, and digging in nature. If you are more able-bodied, perhaps this is a great year to transplant some of your young trees to upgrade your yard, or dig a new garden for vegetables.

I truly believe we have some of the most beautiful and expansive parks in the world right here! If you don’t have a rack to bring along your bicycle, rollerblading the paths or hiking the wilderness is exciting and invigorating.

Need baby steps when it comes to increasing your fitness? Simply hit the beach! The beach or lake is a gorgeous setting, even if it’s not quite swimming weather. Toting along your snacks and beach accessories, and walking through the thick sand counts as a workout to me these days – I am happy just to know you’re moving your body and venturing out in public. (Obviously your snack choices should be somewhat healthy please.)

You may find you drag your feet when it comes to preparing for these outings, but I guarantee you will have more energy afterwards and be looking forward to the next one! Just remember to stay hydrated and be safe.

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Julie Germaine is a 2x Pro Fitness Champion, Certified Nutrition Expert and Specialized Weight Loss Coach. She has help thousands of men and women achieve inspiring body transformations through her virtual coaching since 2005.
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