Can You Find the Road to Greatness -
Written by Allen Holmes & Photo by BAEZ Photography

You hear the all-time greats say the number one thing to remember is to believe. You hear them say that and you hear them say it took blood sweat and tears to make it to the level that they make it to. You, standing on the outside looking in, likely respond by saying to yourself “yea easy for you to say” because you don’t feel all that hard work until you’re in that situation.

Working so hard to reach a point in your career where you feel successful and content takes everything in you. It takes everything you have to continue to believe that one day you will make it.

I can say this because now I feel it. I know that they were right. I’ve been in the fitness industry for five years now learning how to build my own business as a trainer and fitness model and growing consistently in my career. Doing so I’ve launched my own fitness app to help people reach their fitness goals. I’ve also become a sponsored athlete for numerous brands that are big names.

I love what I do and I love helping others reach the confidence and success that I did for myself for them. My goal was always to be the prime example of believing in yourself and being able to do anything you put your mind to. The key is discipline, believe and understanding it’s earned not given.

So next time that you hear someone say that the first step to reaching your goals is to believe in them, and that it’ll take hard work, that metaphorical blood sweat and tears to get to your end goal, believe them. You might not be able to see the destination from where you are on the road today, but that doesn’t mean you should get stuck in the middle of the curve. Keep going forward, putting one foot in front of the other and conquering the obstacles, and one day you’ll be able to look behind you to see just how far you’ve really come.

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