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Written by Julie Germaine

While we all accept that regular physical activity is good for you, staying motivated to create and maintain that active lifestyle is tricky. You probably know you’ll have more energy, feel better, decrease your risk of developing cardiovascular disease, and even enjoy clearer skin by getting fit, but have you pondered all the ways that exercise will benefit your sex life? Honey, let me break it down for you!

Both men and women will quickly notice the positive effects of a great workout routine in the bedroom. Researchers have proven that when middle-aged men lose weight, their testosterone and sex drive increase. Just a few 45 to 60 minute workouts boost test levels by 15% and help with sexual problems like erectile dysfunction. It’s interesting to note that excess belly fat reduces blood flow to the penis, so burning away stored abdominal fat will improve one’s ability to keep an erection.

Women tend to be more insecure when it comes to their bodies, so losing weight will help build confidence when naked, making it fun to dress up in lingerie and play with their partner, but the advantages to incorporating regular workouts each week go far beyond that. If you are overweight, you can jump-start your libido and stimulate sex hormones by losing just ten pounds! For women especially, a vigorous workout helps sustain levels of an enzyme that raises genital blood flow, inducing arousal and the potential to climax. (Pro tip! This enhanced sensitivity is somewhat short-lived, so I highly recommend pulling your partner into your post-workout shower to take advantage of the moment!)

If you are overweight, your performance between the sheets will certainly be affected. You may feel stressed about your physique and less motivated to reach out for sensual connection.

But please, every one of you, remember: ultimately, your partner loves you for you, not for your body, so don’t let your fitness journey deter you from pursuing an incredible sex life immediately! We are all deserving of love, no matter our current fitness level. I’m just sharing these facts to help you live your very best life and motivate you to embrace exercise so you love it as much as I do!

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Julie Germaine is a 2x Pro Fitness Champion, Certified Nutrition Expert and Specialized Weight Loss Coach. She has help thousands of men and women achieve inspiring body transformations through her virtual coaching since 2005. Check out her services at or book a FREE 15 minute online fitness consultation:
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