Couples Health Goals: Improving Well-Being with Your Partner in 2020 -
At this point, it’s pretty common knowledge that things like exercising and eating fruits and vegetables are essential to living a healthy Lifestyle, however, rarely do people highlight just how hard it is for a person to live a healthier life if their significant other doesn’t as well. How, you might be wondering? Well, when you’re living with your partner, or even if you’re not, it’s difficult to stay on track if the person you spend the most time with is adopting behaviors that aren’t conducive to a healthy Lifestyle. You will be fighting an upwards battle, instead of growing together. Now this is not to say that it isn’t possible, because it is, and many people do it every day, but having a partner that also wants to improve their health and is willing to help create goals to benefit both of you will make your journey that much easier. Keep reading to learn some easy goals you can set with your significant other to improve your well-being this year.

Workout Together

There are many different attitudes towards working out. You have people that love it, people who don’t mind it, and those who absolutely abhor it. Whatever your feelings towards exercising are, there is no argument that some days you just don’t want to do it. To make going to the gym, or exercising at home a little less daunting, encourage your significant other to exercise with you as there are many benefits of having a workout buddy. This will not only help you to work out when you aren’t quite feeling up to it, but also encourages your partner to engage in some physical activity as well. Together you both can motivate and help each other reach peak physique. Exercising more this year is a good goal to set as a couple. Whether that be working out 4 days a week or doing something simple like taking daily walks, be sure to push yourself and your partner to do more than what’s normal for you. Hold each other accountable for the goals set and motivate each other to be better. Your body will thank you for it.

Eat Nutritional Foods

This isn’t anything that we haven’t heard before. Eating better can improve your mood, prevent diseases, increase energy, and more. Yet, eating a well-balanced meal can prove difficult when you’re watching your significant other eat takeout every other day. Hence the importance of couples creating health goals together. Limit temptation by coming up with healthy meals you both are likely to be interested in. Start off slow if this isn’t something either of you is used to, so you don’t get discouraged. Use eating healthy together as a way to bond. Learning new healthy Recipes, scouring through cookbooks, and cooking together is a great activity to do as a couple. To hold each other accountable, try proposing a clean eating challenge to make eating better more interesting. You can find a book here that can make starting this challenge a little easier.
Now, being healthier as a couple goes beyond just physical fitness or eating more nutritious foods. There are other aspects you need to take care of. Here are some goals for a healthier relationship and ultimately a healthier you

Preserve Intimacy and Happiness

2020 has been a very stressful year for most people and has tested many relationships, however, despite the chaos going on in the world, remember to keep the passion alive in your relationship. Understandably, sex hasn’t necessarily been at the forefront of most couples’ minds since there have been other pressing matters going on, but being intimate with your partner is a great way to ease stress, prevent disease, increase happiness, and strengthen your emotional bond. Plan a special night with your partner and let go of some of the stress 2020 has caused and improve your mental state. Light a few candles, play some music, and create the perfect romantic environment for your time in the bedroom. Remember though, the whole point of the night is to release some endorphins and have a good time, so try not to overthink things. It can lead to issues in bed like erectile dysfunction or low libido. While you can always try an ED medication like Cialis for help with maintaining an erection or watch a risqué movie to improve libido, that shouldn’t be necessary if you just take a deep breath and enjoy yourself.

Check Mental Health

Mental health can often get overlooked when considering the steps to live a healthier Lifestyle and being honest about certain things can be hard. You may feel embarrassed to talk about it or you aren’t sure how your partner will react. The thing is, being honest about your feelings and mental state is essential to any relationship. Omitting things or keeping your feelings bottled up won’t help you or your partner. It may actually create discord between both of you. A goal for you and your significant other should be to take note of your mental states often. If you’re feeling under the weather or experiencing particularly negative emotions, talk to each other. Do not let emotions like sadness, anxiety, or anger fester into something worse like depression as that’s harder to treat. Taking care of your mental health can look extremely different from person to person. Everything from self-care days to therapy to writing in a journal can help someone mentally. Mentally recharging with your partner by doing activities like mediation is a great way to make sure you both are getting the reprieve you need.
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