Must-Have’s for the Active Woman -
Written by Julie Germaine

You are feeling motivated and excited to crush your fitness goals. Maybe you’ve decided to lose weight, or you have physique goals that are competition-worthy! In addition to organizing your workout program and nutrition plan, there are a few other important steps to take before you starting running, lifting, or crunching away.

Having the right exercise gear will go a long way in helping you to be successful in achieving your desired results. If you aren’t properly prepared, you risk suffering a sudden injury, or hurting your body gradually over time in a way that will impede your long-term health and overall potential.

Here are 5 tips when shopping for items that will enhance your training, protect your body, and promote an incredible outcome for your daily efforts!

  1. You should wear comfortable and breathable clothing. If you are biking or running, be sure that your leggings or pants are somewhat fitted to prevent them snagging in your gears or getting tangled up in your feet. If you are participating in yoga, look for fabrics that wick away sweat to maintain comfort. Those of you who are choosing weight-lifting at home or at the gym will enjoy wearing items that allow you to see your physique to check proper form in the mirror and watch for subtle changes to the muscle shape and definition as the weeks progress. I give you permission to splurge and buy some stylish outfits that compliment your figure – you’re going to want to like the reflection you’re staring at otherwise exercising will be a nuisance.
  1. Buy new footwear specialized for your activity. Shopping for new shoes online can be difficult, so, if possible, try to head to a store in person, at least to begin with. Chatting with the knowledgeable staff will direct you toward the right style for your chosen activity, because runners need more impact protection, however these plush shoes are not stable or supportive enough for weight training. Trying on different brands is also a great way to learn the right width and arch support your feet need; you can always take this information to the internet to shop more variety.
  1. Ripped abs are sexy, ripped hands, not so much. Order yourself a quality pair of workout gloves to prevent ugly and painful calluses from forms. This goes for weight training (even with home equipment), working out outside, biking riding or spin class – anything that requires grip will be easier if you have gloves on from the beginning. I have many pairs available on my website for your convenience.
  2. Supportive sports bras are a necessity. You want to be comfortable and secure throughout a variety of movement, so try on different style of tops and bras, and don’t forget to do some squatting and jumping in the change room to test them! \
  1. Your reusable water bottle should always be in tote! Drinking plenty of fluid is recommended for everyone, especially those who engage in physical activity. There are even some new brands that track your daily intake and remind you via an app when you should be refilling! So, there is no excuse not to be properly hydrated.

Visit Julie Germaine’s website for more information on nutrition, exercise and overall health to make achieving your fitness goals possible!

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