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How Using Your Fitness Routine Can Create Success Elsewhere By Mohammad Abas
Despite the changes I go through in life, one thing remains the same: my workout routine. The work ethic and dedication I apply to my personal health and fitness has transferred to other areas of my life. Fitness has been one of the primary driving forces behind my accomplishments outside of the gym. I am working as the VP of Operations at Team G-FIT, one of Canada’s largest Fitness Coaching companies, KPMG as a Senior Accountant, and studying to complete my CPA designation. While these may not seem so similar to my fitness routine, using many of the same strategies in the gym has helped improve my overall success. So let’s cut to the chase, how has working out contributed to my accomplishments thus far?

    • When working out, you are constantly pushing to improve your performance. Whether it’s setting a goal for running marathon or increasing your max bench, the work ethic and drive required remains the same. What happens when you achieve a goal in the gym? You often set a higher goal and immediately start working towards it. This is exactly what is required to achieve success in the workplace – working towards numerous smaller milestones until you’ve eventually accomplished something material. Success doesn’t happen overnight, so practicing this type of discipline and consistency is key.

    • Maintaining a consistent workout regimen requires serious time management skills. Many parts of your life occupy your limited time, such as family, friends, significant other, and work and leisure. Throw a committed workout routine into the mix and it suddenly becomes more difficult to manage your daily tasks. This leads to something though – naturally, we become better planners and organize our days in a more efficient manner. We begin preparing our meals for the day, making sure we have gym clothes packed, and visiting the gym on our way to or from work. The additional pressure on your schedule leads to an overall increase in organization and productivity.

    • Let’s face it, with success comes stress. If there was no stress or difficulty involved, everyone would be successful. I’ve always had stress from many different aspects in my life, but the gym has consistently been my go-to remedy. The late night solo Workouts: music blasting, heavy weights, endorphins roaring – there is NO better treatment. Physical activity boosts happiness levels, boosts energy, improves memory, and increases self-confidence. So if success is something you’re interested, I would definitely use the gym has an outlet for stress relief and improving overall health as stress in the workplace can sometimes become overwhelming.

    • I was a bit overweight while growing up. I hated taking my shirt off, clothes did not fit me properly, and girls wouldn’t really give me attention. Slowly as the years went on, I lost around 30 pounds of fat and put on quality muscle. This not only changed the way people looked at me, but also how I looked at myself. I had more self-respect, knowing my worth as an individual, never letting people walk over me. The ability to be confident and respect yourself will go a long way, both in your personal relationships and career.
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