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In a bold stride towards market expansion, PVL, Canada's distinguished supplement powerhouse, is strategically advancing into the U.S. landscape. This move, part of a broader ambition to integrate into the core of athletic achievement, is characterized by partnerships with key retailers, signaling a significant phase in PVL's growth. Beyond mere distribution, PVL is poised to become an integral part of the elite athletic community.

Central to PVL's mission is a steadfast commitment to supporting top-tier athletes, an endeavor that is rapidly gaining momentum, particularly within the football sector. This support is crucial as it aligns with the timing of the NFL Combine and Draft—defining moments for aspiring football professionals. With the Combine just weeks away and the Draft shortly following, PVL's engagement is both timely and strategic.

To aid these athletes in reaching their peak performance, PVL has selected premium supplements from its Gold Series, such as the high-quality protein powder ISOGold and the comprehensive amino blend EAA Complete. Both are Informed Choice Certified, ensuring they are free from banned substances. This certification is vital for athletes aiming to demonstrate their capabilities at the NFL Combine and secure their positions in the NFL Draft, underscoring PVL's dedication to clean and effective sports nutrition.

PVL is taking its commitment a step further by hosting an exclusive seminar at the prestigious House Of Athlete gym in Florida. This initiative is more than a showcase of PVL's superior supplements; it's a forum for athletes who have incorporated these products into their regimen to gain deeper insights, ask questions, and fully understand how PVL supports their athletic goals. The seminar will highlight emerging talents such as Kitan Oladapo, Brandon Dorlus, JC Latham, Trey Benson, and Roman Wilson, all of whom are aiming for top selections in the upcoming NFL Draft.


PVL's initiative to support elite athletes showcases a deep-rooted commitment to the highest standards in sports nutrition. This approach benefits the athletic journey of professionals by setting a benchmark in the industry, highlighting the critical role of clean, effective supplementation for peak performance. Through direct engagement and the provision of superior nutritional support, PVL contributes significantly to the immediate and future successes of these athletes. This effort not only aids their professional development but also establishes a legacy of excellence and trust within the sports nutrition domain—a narrative that aligns with the values and expectations of Inside Fitness readers.

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