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Former Vice President of ProSource/Xenadrine/Supreme Protein, Kelly Conklin, has ventured into the security industry with his oldest son Kelly Jr., who is the vice president, and younger son Michael, who is the assistant VP, with the launch of Superior Protection Professionals, a New Jersey-based security guard agency. This move, started back  in 2019 marks a significant shift from Conklin's successful tenure in the supplement industry to addressing the growing need for enhanced security services.

Before his impactful roles at ProSource Performance Products, Xenadrine, and Supreme Protein, Conklin served as a dedicated police officer in Toms River, NJ. His law enforcement career, which began at the tender age of 19, saw him actively involved in the Emergency Services Unit as the esteemed "Ram Man," showcasing his commitment to public safety and security.

Motivated by the increasing incidents of violence in public spaces across the country, Conklin felt a strong pull towards his roots in law enforcement. This led to the establishment of Superior Protection Professionals, an initiative that initially started as a side project but has quickly evolved into a full-fledged operation under the encouragement of Bob Chinery, ProSource's CEO and Conklin's long-standing best friend. Chinery's support was instrumental in Conklin's decision to dedicate more time to growing his security company, assured that ProSource's competent team would continue to excel in his absence.

Kelly Conklin

Superior Protection Professionals is now a beacon of safety in New Jersey, offering top-notch armed and unarmed security services manned by a team of experienced retired and active police officers, state troopers, and federal law enforcement agents. The company prides itself on its highly trained guards, capable of effectively neutralizing threats and ensuring the safety of "soft targets" such as schools, religious institutions, commercial venues, office buildings, dispensaries, and more.  

Conklin shared insights into his journey from the supplement industry to founding a security company driven by a mission to protect and serve the community. His background in law enforcement, business, and passion for safety have been pivotal in shaping Superior Protection Professionals' approach to security, emphasizing the importance of private security in today's society.

Conklin's story is a testament to his unwavering commitment to making a difference in people's lives, whether through health and fitness or providing a shield against potential threats. For those in New Jersey seeking reliable and professional armed and unarmed security guard services, Kelly Conklin and Superior Protection Professionals stand ready to serve.

 For inquiries or to discuss security needs, Kelly Conklin can be reached at 908-783-1939 or via email at

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