Showcasing the Diversity and Excellence of PVL Athletes -

PVL is renowned for its dedication to supporting athletes across a vast spectrum of sports, from beach volleyball Olympians to professional bodybuilders. This diverse roster not only highlights the brand's commitment to high-quality sports nutrition but also its role in the success stories of these dedicated individuals. Let's take a closer look at some of the remarkable PVL athletes who excel in their respective fields.

Brandie Wilkerson: Olympian and Pro Beach Volleyball Phenom

Brandie Wilkerson has made significant waves on the international beach volleyball scene. Her dynamic play and strategic prowess on the sand have earned her accolades and a reputation as a formidable opponent.

Shai Ross: Pro Football Player with Electrifying Talent

Shai Ross's agility, speed, and strength have made him a standout player in professional football. His dedication to his sport is matched by his commitment to fitness and nutrition.

Emma Koabel: Rising Star in College Basketball

Emma Koabel's dedication on the basketball court has made her a key player in her college team, showcasing her skill and determination to push her team to victory.

Greg Klausen: From NCAA to NBA, a Basketball Journey

Greg Klausen's basketball career, spanning from Marquette University to the Dallas Mavericks, reflects his hard work, talent, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.

Mercedes Marr: CPA Bikini Competitor and Fitness Model

Mercedes Marr's achievements in CPA bikini competitions and her feature on the Inside Fitness Hot & Fit cover model spotlight her commitment to fitness and health.


Rouzalin Hakim's inspiring journey as an amputee athlete and fitness competitor showcases the power of resilience and the human spirit's capacity to overcome challenges

Kenny Blackman: Speed and Agility on the Track

Kenny Blackman's prowess as a sprinter in track and field highlights his explosive speed and rigorous training regimen, making him a competitor to watch.

Nicole Rakowski: Bridging Bodybuilding and Kinetics

With a PhD in Kinetics, Nicole Rakowski combines her academic expertise with her passion for bodybuilding, exemplifying the importance of understanding the body's mechanics in sports.

Daniel Adeboboye: Pro Football's Rising Star

Daniel Adeboboye's impact on the football field is marked by his athleticism, technique, and strategic understanding of the game.

Tyler Pace: Mastering the Field in Pro Lacrosse

Tyler Pace's skills in professional lacrosse have earned him recognition as a key player, known for his quick decisions and effective plays.

Brent Hayden: Olympic Medalist in Swimming

Brent Hayden's achievements in swimming, including an Olympic medal, underscore his dedication, skill, and the rigorous training that has led him to the global stage.

Triston Brookes: Middleweight Pro Boxer with Knockout Power

Triston Brookes's journey in professional boxing is marked by his powerful punches and strategic ring presence, making him a formidable middleweight competitor.


Scarlett stands as a beacon of excellence in boxing. Her remarkable skill, dedication, and strategic prowess in the ring have established her as an inspirational figure in combat sports.


Wes stands out for his exceptional skill, agility, and scoring ability on the field, making significant contributions to his team's success and elevating the sport's profile.

This showcase of PVL athletes illustrates the brand's commitment to supporting a diverse group of individuals who embody excellence, dedication, and a passion for their sports. Each athlete's story is a testament to the power of hard work, determination, and the right nutritional support, underscoring PVL's role in their athletic and personal achievements.

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