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Written by Travis Hansen (ResultsbyScience)

1: Many cells actually prefer Glucose as energy

"Most cells meet their energy needs from a combination of carbohydrates and fats, but some cells, such as neurons and erthrocytes (red blood cells), depend almost exclusively on carbohydrates." (Saladin, Kenneth S. Anatomy & Physiology: The Unity of Form and Function. Mcgraw-Hill, 2007.)

This is because the metabolic process of delivering energy from Glucose is abundant and fast, which is unique and unlike any other source of energy made available to the human body.

Only Creatine and lactate recycling can convert energy faster, but their supply is extremely limited. Of course only fat can deliver energy longer than carbohydrates because there is more of it stored, but as you know the steps required are much longer and if you are training the way you need too for real and lasting results, consisting of moderate to high intensities, then there just simply isn't time to wait for fat to do it's job, unfortunately. Last option is protein, but we all know that's a primary building supply, not an energy source except in emergency situations.

2: Ketosis is much harder thank you think

Just about everyone is riding the Keto wave for now, but just like Atkins, Paleo, South Beach, The Zone, Fasting, The Carnivore Diet, etc. The Fad will soon fade and another will emerge for awhile. Why? Because it's low carb, and carbohydrates aren't and never were the problem to begin with for far too many reasons. They are just the scapegoat to ensure sustainable profit to either false, greedy, or misinformed fitness authorities over the long-term. Eating too much is the issue if your struggling to lose weight and body fat. It's that simple.

If Carbohydrates are so bad for you then why does the most powerful organ in your body, which is the brain, resist using ketones over sugar/glucose for 2-3 weeks when attempting or adapting to a Ketogenic Diet?

Please don't overthink this one because there is no reason other than the brain, like so many other cells you've seen, wants it's sugar immediately to thrive and survive. The human brain has evolved over time and decided to select carbohydrates as it's primary fuel source, which is contrary to just about all you read. You can hate me for saying all of this, but I could care less because it's the undeniable truth, and more importantly, the right information is what helps push people forward or sets them back when it comes to their physical and mental transformation goals.

3: Carbohydrates help hydrate you better than water alone according to science.

If the "hydrate" in carbohydrate isn't enough to sell you on this one somehow, then consider that both sodium and glucose work in tandem to rehydrate you better than water alone in research, by increasing absorption levels of water through your intestinal walls. This is exactly why and how Gatorade started and continues to dominate the hydration market for the past several decades with no end in sight.

So let's review...

  1. Your body's cells clearly prefer carbohydrates
  2. Your body literally fights back when you attempt to deprive yourself of the essential macronutrient. Ouch.
  3. And carbohydrates clearly help facilitate the increase of the most fundamental and significant substance known too our existence. Case closed.

I think I'm going to go eat some pasta now and I suggest you do the same!

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