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By Jeff Steinberg

What is a broad bean? Better yet, why should you be eating it? If these are questions that you have asked yourself before (or are asking yourself right now, as this is the first time you’ve even heard of broad beans), then you’re in the right place – we’re going to give you everything that you ever needed to know about broad beans right now in a quick information lowdown. Once we’re done, we’re all going to be broad bean experts, so let’s get cracking!

Broad beans are one of the oldest agricultural crops in the world

Historically, broad beans date back to aproximentally 6000 BCE where there is evidence of them having been grown in the Mediterranean regions. This makes broad beans, along with similar foods such as chickpeas, one of the oldest agricultural crops in the world.

Broad beans are legumes and part of the “vicia” species of plants

The “vicia” species of plans are more often referred to as “Vetch”, such as in the case of the Hawaiian Vetch, Purple Vetch or Carolina Wood Vetch. The broad bean is not alone in this grouping, as it also includes the narbon or moor’s bean. However, there are some biologists that believe that the make up of the broad beans is so organically different from these other legumes that the broad bean should actually have its own genus.

Broad beans are also called Fava Beans (or Faba Beans by some)

While broad bean is the more common name for these beans, you may also hear it referred to as “Fava Beans” or even less often, “Faba Beans”. If you hear any of these names, know they all mean the same thing! Though, “Fava” comes from the Italian word for “Bean” or “Broad Bean” in particular, so when you call it that you are essentially saying “Broad Bean Bean”.

Broad beans have the highest protein to carb ratio among similar crops

One of the biggest benefits of the broad bean is its extremely low fat and cholesterol content, while still being extremely high in protein content. This makes the broad bean an important part of a nutritious diet, particularly for vegetarian’s or others who struggle to get protein content through other means.

Broad beans are historically reputed to be “Famine Resistant”

In Sicily in the 10th century, they reportedly suffered an extreme drought that led to a horrible famine; it is said that the broad beans were the only crop that sustained their people through this feminine and as such, they are often a feature to many who celebrate “St. Joseph’s Day” in Sicily (as it was presumed that “St. Joseph” answered their prayers with the broad bean).

Broad beans are high in several important vitamins & considered complimentary to supplying essential amino acids

On top of being very high in protein, the broad bean also boasts high vitamin contents, the ones that stand out the most being Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, and Folate (B9). Including broad beans in your diet will ensure that you’re high in these vitamins – as well, broad bean consumption is often recommended, along with cereals, as both are complimentary to the supplying of essential amino acids (EAAs).

Broad beans can be bought in several forms

If we’ve piqued your interest and you’re starting to think about how to get broad beans yourself, they can be bought in three forms: fresh broad beans, which are typically still sold in their pods; hard dried broad beans which are meant to be boiled, or ready-to-eat broad beans.

Broad beans are versatile and can be incorporated in all parts of your diet

We know that the first thing that happens when introduced to an unfamiliar food is you wonder how you eat it. Well, the good news for you is that like so many other beans and legumes, broad beans have so many applications. They can be blended to add a rich, nutritious texture to a dip, you can toast, sauté or grill them for a crisp tasty snack, blend the into a soup or chili, or you can add them to a salad for a flavourful twist.

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