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By Stephanie La Leggia If you didn’t work in the fast-food industry as a teen, then you missed out on some valuable life lessons pertaining to what to eat and what not to eat. Thankfully, the folks at r/AskReddit put together a master list of things to know when ordering from a fast-food joint.
  • Tuna sandwiches are made up of mostly mayonnaise.
  • Don’t order an item on the menu that includes an ingredient that isn’t used in at least two other items. Otherwise, you’re risking eating something that’s been prepared in bulk and left sitting for days, if not weeks.
  • If you’re pressed for time, don’t order a salad, chicken tenders, or grilled chicken. These items are often made to order, so can take up to 10 minutes to prepare.
  • If you’re tired of getting stale popcorn at the movies, asking for salt-free popcorn will ensure your order is freshly popped.
  • If you work for the government, it doesn’t hurt to ask if they offer a discount, especially if you work in a department that people appreciate, like education.
  • If you’re a vegan, remember that many pizza places use meat to help thicken their sauce, and taco places sometimes cook their beans in lard.
  • The next time you’re craving tacos, try ordering a burrito bowl with a side of chips or shells. Much more bang for your buck, and essentially the same meal.
  • Don’t order anything with egg after breakfast hours. Some places keep a warm batch of cooked eggs from that morning to be used throughout the rest of the day.
  • Don’t order new menu items right away because it often takes employees a few days to learn how to prepare it properly.
  • Ordering salt-free fries doesn’t guarantee you’ll get fresh ones. Just be honest with the cashier and ask for fresh fries.
  • If you’re ordering food over the phone and are very polite, some employees will be happy to offer you a discount if you inquire about promos.
  • For fresh fast food, go during a lunch or dinner rush. You might wait a little longer, but the food will taste better.
  • Order drinks without ice. Not only will you get more in your glass, but you’ll avoid having ice from an unwashed, potentially mouldy machine.
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