Healthy (and Yummy!) Summer Snacks -
Written by Julie Germaine

What is a day at the beach without tasty snacks? And parents know it’s not a campfire until you’re roasting savoury treats! Last month, I shared with you a few of the many ways you can get some exercise while enjoying the lovely Manitoba summer weather, and this week I wanted to follow up by providing you great, low calorie, healthy foods to keep you hydrated and full of energy!

If you’re like me, packing up for a hike, picnic, or beach day seems to take forever! Planning ahead and doing your food prep the night before will help you ‘grab & go’ nutritious meals instead of opting for convenient, and often fattening, snacks. For example, slice up your veggies and pre-wash fresh fruits, then toss them into a Tupperware or Ziplock, and even portion out almonds or dried fruit in the same way. Having protein bars that are reasonably low in sugar and fat is also a great way to infuse the right macronutrients into your day without stopping for a sit-down meal. I adore hummus, but it can be somewhat messy to serve in the great outdoors, so instead I spread it onto a light pita wrap before leaving the house, and am able to hand the whole thing to my mini so she can enjoy it without the mess – and while on the move!

Whether you’re tanning beside the pool or basking in the glow of a brilliant fire, almost everyone loves a snack with crunch. Have you heard of protein chips? Check out your favourite health food or supplement store and ask about this product and others like it. These days, you can get green beans, chick peas, and more healthy items that are dried and flavoured like your go-to potato chips! Can’t find them? Email me and I’ll help direct you to what’s in your area.

Have you made a campfire banana boat? Here’s the how to: rip off a 1 ft x 1 ft section of aluminum foil, and then layer a matching parchment paper on top. Take a whole banana still in the peel, and slice it down the length, without cutting through the peel on the bottom side. Stuff banana down the middle with toppings like dark chocolate chips, strawberries, pecans, Nutella, natural peanut butter, or even caramel and mini marshmallows if you’re going wild. Place banana in the centre of the foil and wrap fully. Use tongs to place the banana boat onto the campfire grill and toast just a few minutes. This crunchy, melty, sweet treat can be made so many ways and is always a hit!

I am passionate about helping men and women achieve their fitness goals! Please visit my website for information on my virtual personal training and nutrition programs, including my 30 Day VIP Fat Loss Challenge and one-on-one live video workouts!

Julie Germaine is a fit mama to a very active toddler, a 2x Pro Fitness Champion, Certified Nutrition Expert and Specialized Weight Loss Coach. She has helped thousands of men and women achieve inspiring body transformations through her virtual coaching since 2005.
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