Fasted Cardio for Faster Results -
Written by Travis Hansen (ResultsbyScience) & Photo by dylan nolte on Unsplash

I'm sure you have all heard the hype about fasting to get lean for quite some time now. You may be wondering if you can burn fat faster and arrive at your goals that much faster. Well today you’re going to see exactly why fasting can be powerful ally in your training arsenal and assist your efforts in the gym.

Fasting makes you healthier!

The research in fasting is overwhelmingly in favor when it comes to improving several health markers. With a better state of overall health, you will have a higher functioning metabolism more than likely, which in turn can grant you a definitive advantage in your quest to a leaner and better-looking physique.

Free up your fat stores

Of course, you know overall calories are your primary concern when losing body fat, but fasted cardio immediately taps into the unwanted fat stores much quicker then just after a meal, or when you are in a well-fed state.

Boost your nervous system

Everyone is looking for a quick pick me up or advantage when it to fast fat loss and that's what the industry will always promote. However, very few natural methods actually create a more efficient transformation outcome. With that being said, temporary and acute drops in calories can boost your nervous system, so that you feel more energy, possibly burn a few more calories, and can attack the gym with more motivation and better performance in your workouts.

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