How to Easily Control Your Appetite to Lose Weight -
Written by Julie Germaine

If you have a weight loss goal, then learning to control your appetite is important. I can share with you multiple ways to develop this skill, including portion control, food timing, and a few pro tips to set yourself up for success.

Changing your habits is never easy, but you’ll quickly find that you are automatically making healthier choices and will be less likely to overeat. Appetite control is necessary long term if you want to lose weight and maintain your figure.

Personal trainers often simplify weight loss, instructing our clients to eat less and workout more, however some people struggle with dietary changes for various reasons. This is nothing to feel badly about, or to cause you to give up. Realizing your short-comings, being aware of your eating habits, and discussing them with your coach is a step towards a solution.

It’s crucial to emphasize that appetite control does not mean deprivation. Starving oneself to lose weight is never going to be sustainable, so don’t buy into those fad diets.

TIP #1: Eat regular meals.

Going long periods of time without eating is very likely to make you ravenous, and getting into that headspace could lead to overeating. You’ve probably heard of fasting diets, which can hold some merit, however that is a meal plan you should have a nutrition expert lay out for you, so that your total calories for the week are appropriate for your goals.

TIP #2: Learn portion control.

Generally, eating five or six smaller meals is a great way to adjust to smaller serving sizes without feeling hungry. When you have another meal coming soon, you will have the willpower to say no to second helpings.

TIP #3: Hydrate yourself.

Too many people survive on coffee all day, and don’t realize that when they are feeling sluggish or snacky, that may actually be a cue that you are dehydrated. Chug a big glass of water and wait twenty minutes to see how your body responds. This always works for me mid-morning, when I used to want a second cup of coffee. This is also a great trick for feeling full after a meal. Finish an 8 oz glass of water every time you eat and you’ll be close to your recommended intake daily.

TIP #4: Avoid trigger foods.

This is a big one! Do you have favourite foods that you cannot help yourself to eat too much of? Save those for special occasions and rid the house of them. Often these can be processed, high-fat, or sugary items.

Including exercise regularly is also extremely beneficial to help you control your appetite. Moving your body releases appetite-suppressing hormones and makes you feel so good!

Incorporating these strategies into your lifestyle will help your safely control your appetite to manage your weight. Remember that the journey shouldn’t be a negative or painful one. Always reach out to me if you have questions or need personal advice!

Julie Germaine is a 2x International Pro Fitness Champion, Certified Nutrition Expert and Specialized Fat Loss Coach. She has helped thousands of men and women lose 2” from their waistlines in less than 30 days through her virtual coaching since 2005. Check out her services at or book a FREE diet consultation:
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