Is Your Metabolism Out of Whack? -
When we are young, we are taught how to multiply, and we learn about history, science, chemistry, but nobody really teaches us how to listen to our bodies. For that reason, when we get a little bit older, we have no clue about what’s happening to us because we are doing the right things (or that's what we think…) we are running every morning, we are drinking smoothies, and buying wholesome foods, but for some reason our metabolism starts slacking. The truth is that you are not cursed with a slow metabolism and age isn’t entirely to blame, but rather it is some of your habits and part of your Lifestyle that may be causing the problem. So, how do you know if your metabolism is out of whack? Let’s find out by answering the following questions: You have gained weight recently, especially around the belly area. YES / NO You are having troubles getting rid of that extra weight (no workout or diet has helped). YES / NO Your cravings for simple carbs (aka sugars) are always through the roof. YES / NO You constantly need to eat because, if you don’t, you’re at risk of getting “hangry”. YES / NO After lunch you feel like you need a nap and you have a hard time keeping your eyes open. YES / NO Your brain always feels foggy and never seems to go away. YES / NO Your concentration and memory haven´t been on your side lately. YES / NO You are/feel bloated all the time. YES / NO SCORE If you answered NO to 5 or more questions, then congratulations! You have a healthy, fast, and balanced metabolism. You can stop reading now, or you can keep going because there are some useful tricks that will help you keep your metabolism as healthy as it is right now. If you answered YES to 3 or more questions, I’m sorry to tell you that your metabolism is probably out of whack, so you better keep reading because you need to fix it ASAP, and I’m going to tell you how to do that. FIRST OF ALL, LET’S UNDERSTAND WHERE IT ALL COMES FROM The main cause of an unbalanced metabolism is usually the excessive consumption of simple sugars, such as white rice, white bread, flour, candies, chocolates, pastries, desserts, syrups, table sugar, and so on. You see, every single one of the symptoms mentioned in the questionnaire go hand in hand, it is something like a chain reaction. When we eat more sugar than what we need, our bodies start craving it, and eventually this creates an addiction, which leads to increased sweet cravings and unbalanced blood sugar. This happens because the sugar load is constant and it can be too much for the body. Then, insulin, which is the hormone that balances blood sugar, is unable to keep up with the load of work, resulting in an increased fat storage (especially around the belly area). The ups and downs of your insulin levels can lead to early hunger, meaning that you constantly need to eat in order to avoid getting irritable. Another red flag that your blood sugar is unbalanced includes a need for a nap after you finish eating, which is then accompanied by brain fog, lack of concentration, and impaired memory. It’s crazy how much trouble sugar can! But, now that you have now identified the problem, what steps should you follow next? STEP ONE: STAY AWAY FROM REFINED SUGARS If this is what’s causing the problem, then stay away from them. Substitute refined carbs (aka sugars) for whole grains, fruits (especially with skin), and tons of vegetables. Stay away from desserts and processed foods because they are usually loaded with sneaky sugars. STEP 2: DRINK WATER Researchers from the University of Utah conducted three studies and they found out that by drinking at least two litres of water per day can help you burn calories much faster. This is because water boosts our resting metabolism, which works non-stop yes even when we are sleeping because it is responsible for keeping your system working. STEP 3: EAT MORE FIBRE Fibre cannot be digested by your body, and it doesn't add calories or nutrients. Why is it important? Well, your digestive system is a bit stubborn, so it still tries to digest it, which requires your body to use a lot of energy, meaning that you’ll burn more calories. If you think about it, this is a win-win situation because you don’t get calories from fibre, but you still burn them! STEP 4: STOP SNACKING When you stop snacking and you eat only three times a day, you will turn yourself into a fat burning machine. How does that happen? Well, when insulin is not being released every two hours, you will get the chance to use the stored energy and burn fat. By following this steps, you’ll not only feel much better, but you will also give your metabolism the boost it needs to maintain a healthy weight, burn fat even when you’re not working out, and maintain your energy levels throughout the day
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