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Hydration is key to a healthy immune system and a healthy immune system helps an individual stay healthy. In the current Covid prevalent climate, if you have made the New Year’s resolution of staying healthy you must understand the importance of hydration.

Why is Staying Hydrated so Important?

Staying hydrated is the most effective way to maintain health. Therefore, it is important to have water filters in your kitchen. Kitchen Water Filters not only help you stay hydrated but also provide clean, contamination-free water for your optimum health. Here are some reasons which highlight the importance of hydration.
  • Hydration helps your body in regulating body temperature.
  • It keeps your joints lubricated.
  • It increases immunity by preventing infections, delivering nutrients to cells, and maintaining the functionality of organs.
  • Since the human brain is mostly water, hydration also helps you think, concentrate better, be more alert as well as improving the quality of sleep, cognition, and uplifting the mood.
  • Well-hydrated individuals have also reported an increase in energy and fatigue relief.
  • It also promotes weight loss in healthy individuals.
  • Hydration has detoxifying capabilities and it improves skin complexion.

How to Stay Healthy and Hydrated?

Here are some tips which might help you achieve your New Year’s Resolution Goal.

1. If You Are Thirsty, You are Already Dehydrated

Most people are not mindful of their hydration levels and only drink water when they feel thirsty. This is unhealthy to not only your body but also your immune system as well. It is well known that by the time you are thirsty, your body has already crossed the threshold of dehydration and if you do not drink enough water, you are under the risk of passing out from low water levels.

2. Use Flavoured Water If Regular Water Bores You

The taste of water can be boring for some people. If water bores you and you do not feel like drinking it as much, use flavored water. There is an infinite variety of flavors on the market so you can never get bored even if you try each flavor.

3. Eat a Healthy Water-Rich Diet

There are certain fruits and vegetables which are rich in water or have high water content. Healthcare experts recommend having a water-rich diet to stay both healthy as well as hydrated. Some good examples of water-rich food are cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchinis, radishes, celeries, etc.

4. Avoid Getting Heatstroke

Heatstroke is the human equivalent of a computer heating up so much that it completely loses all functionality and shuts down. The same thing happens to us when our bodies get dehydrated in high-temperature environments. Heatstroke is very dangerous and life-threatening if not dealt with immediately.
  • Heatstroke can cause your brain as well as other vital organs to swell.
  • Heatstroke can result in permanent damage to both your brain and body.
  • Heatstroke can be fatal without prompt and adequate treatment.

5. Be Aware of Your Water Intake

Self-awareness can have a huge positive impact on your health. Many doctors have recommended their patients to be aware of their water intake. The optimum amount of water should be 6 to 8 glasses of water per day according to healthcare professionals, provided that each glass of water is roughly about 8 ounces. However, this is not a hard rule as many people have different requirements to maintain a healthy water level in their bodies. Therefore, some people may need more than 8 glasses of water per day according to their body’s biochemical requirements.

6. Be Aware of Dehydration Signs

As aforementioned, awareness is essential so being aware of dehydration signs is also important to avoid any health hazardous situations. Since dehydration has very visible symptoms, it is also possible to make sure others are not getting dehydrated as well. Here are the signs of dehydration in both children and adults.
  • Having concentrated or darker urine.
  • Having a steady intake of water but not urinating.
  • Getting random cramps in your muscles.
  • Having bad breath.
  • Getting easily fatigued.
  • Having a running fever or getting chills.
  • Sudden craving for sweets.
  • Having a dry mouth or getting dry skin.
  • Sudden increase in heartbeat.
  • Getting easily irritable over seemingly normal things.
  • Getting easily confused over obvious matters.
  • Getting drowsiness or sleepy suddenly.

Is Water Intake Enough to Stay Healthy and Hydrated?

No, water intake is not enough to stay healthy and hydrated. As we have established, a lot of different components go into staying hydrated including being aware, not waiting for thirst to drink water, avoiding heat strokes, and even eating a water-rich diet. However, how can you be sure that the water you are drinking is healthy and clean? You have sinks in your house and kitchen that are used for multiple things like washing, cooking, cleaning, etc. Is it possible for you to trust that you have a clean water supply without any bacteria or germs in the water? The best way to resolve this dilemma is by getting water filters for your faucets.

How Do Water Filters Benefit Your Health?

Water is essential for life and the pandemic has made everyone twice as health-conscious and understandably so. The best way to ensure that you only get clean water for use in your house is through water filters. The main benefits of water filters are mentioned here;
  • Water filters prevent you from drinking contaminated water.
  • Water filters increase your immunity by protecting you from harmful bacteria and germs in the water.
  • Certain bacteria can enter your body through pores in your skin as well. Water filters prevent that from happening.
  • Water filters do not use chemical additives so they are highly recommended by healthcare experts.
  • Most water reserves have added chlorine for sanitation to reduce the chances of contamination. However, this can be detrimental to our health as well since chlorine can be extremely toxic in excess. Therefore, it is important to install water filters on your faucets so that they can reduce the chlorine content in your water.
  • Water filters have also been shown to improve the taste of water without taking away any of the important nutrients.

All-in-One Solution for All Your Water Needs

The best possible solution for getting nutrients rich water without chlorine or any chemicals additives is through the installation of different Kitchen Water Filter for your kitchen and Whole House Water Filters for all the other faucets in your home. These filters are easy to install and maintain on your own without any professional upkeep from a plumber.
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