Vegetarian and Female? Don't Miss This! -

You're More Likely to have Hip Fractures

Written by Tim Rigby

Despite the so-called “benefits” of a vegetarian diet, there’s no denying that it causes individuals to miss out on things like higher quality protein and certain B vitamins like B12. If you happen to be a vegetarian and an adult female, you’re setting yourself up for a higher risk of hip fractures. For a course of 20 years, researchers at The University of Leeds (England) studied no less than 26,318 middle-aged British women and examined the relationship between subjects’ nutrition and health conditions like hip fractures.

The report was published on August 11, 2022 in the journal BioMed Central Medicine. There was categorical evidence that those women who subscribed to a vegetarian diet experienced a 33 percent greater risk of hip fractures. Overall, there were 822 hip fracture cases reported, which represents only three percent of the full study cohort – testament to the fact that not many British women follow a vegetarian diet. In addition to protein and a multitude of vitamins, vegetarian diets are also low in many minerals which are essential to bone density like calcium. It’s not difficult, therefore, to see why hip fractures are more prevalent with such an incomplete diet.


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