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There are many reasons to want to stick to a vegan diet, yet all of them come with a common concern: how will I get enough protein? After all, we believe meats to be the primary source for protein in our diets. There is some concern about vegans getting enough for just basic health, let alone working to amplify good gains.

Well, fear no more. There are many products on the market that get their protein from healthy vegan sources, that will ensure that you have enough protein for your daily workouts and more.


Finally, a Plant-Based Protein that delivers what you need! DIESEL Vegan is a 100% Whole Food, Plant-Based blend of 5 unique proteins and the first fully vegan protein with human-matched levels of amino acids that are within 13% of levels as stated by the World Health Organization (W.H.O.).

Most people think that vegan proteins are the same as whey, that’s simply not true! They are often sadly deficient in many of the critically important aminos in the proper ratio.

DIESEL Vegan has been calibrated to deliver 23 g of pure protein with over 2 g of the #1 growth and recovery amino – Leucine! If you thought that only non-vegan proteins could deliver aminos like this, think again!

ModCarb® is a patented breakthrough in real food supplementation that delivers 6 organic ancient grains with over 20% protein! It also provides an additional advantage for those who want to avoid sudden cravings.

And, with the natural power of SolaThin® (an ultra-pure 90% protein derived from potato) where research participants lost an average of 1.5 lb of fat in 21 days! That’s 22% more fat lost than the control group!

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