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Written by Sandra Sorgini

Football is a game of inches. Players fight and claw for every inch in this sport! In the sport of football, the inches really matter. When you add up all the inches it makes the difference between winning and losing, and as hard core, super competitive go getters we don’t want to lose. If you are reading this right now you have fought and clawed for inches in life and sport numerous times. Al Pacino said, “one-half a step too late, or too early, and you don’t quite make it. One-half second too slow, too fast, you don’t quite catch it.” Performing at your most optimal level requires a sports nutrition protocol that will allow you to function at your best, claiming inches!

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers and the BC Lions are successful Canadian Football League teams and both Pure Vita Labs organizations rely on Pure Vita Labs to give them the edge they need to take advantage of every single inch, in every break of the game and every second as they compete for CFL’s coveted trophy, the Grey Cup. Shai Ross, Jamel Lyles and David Mackie all PVL football athletes desire every performance inch possible for their own individual and team success. Not to mention the physical inches on the field as well!

PVL Sport Gainer helps busy amateur, professional and everyday athletes get the macronutrients they need to live the athletic lifestyle and perform at their highest level. In order to perform your best, at your highest level, you need to fuel your body with the best in sports nutrition products. PVL Sport Gainer helps supply the necessary calories to do just that.

PVL Sport Gainer is a very low sugar formula containing multiple real food carb sources including quinoa, brown rice, and sweet potato. It's also loaded with high-quality whey proteins that have different absorption rates, so your body is always being supplied with the building blocks it needs to help recover. With a formula like PVL Sport Gainer, it's far easier to get the calories and nutrients you need as a busy athlete.

With 40 g of protein and over 800 clean calories per serving with multiple real food carb sources and no artificial sweeteners, colours and flavours this is the performance hack all athletes could use. And of course, all PVL products are banned substance tested – Informed–Choice certified, perfect for all athletes!

The inches are everywhere around us, there for the taking! If you are looking to gain every performance inch, look no further than PVL sport gainer!

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