Keep Your Muscles Sharp with Water Tight -

There is nothing worse than ruining hard work and good muscle definition by retaining too much water. Not to mention, the only thing that might be worse than that is the awful heavy feeling of being bloated.

PVL Watertight is a full strength diuretic used by professional bodybuilders scientifically designed to aid in shedding excess water quickly, as well as enhancing muscle definition and reducing bloating. WaterTight has been one of the most popular diuretics on the market since 2000.

To look tight and defined you need to shed excess "subcutaneous" water that lies beneath your skin. However, for best physical performance and appearance you need to preserve minerals, electrolytes and the intramuscular water inside your muscle cells. WaterTight is the only product to use all 8 diuretic technologies for purging water while simultaneously nourishing the body with minerals thus preserving electrolytes like potassium. By influencing potassium retention, WaterTight enhances sodium-potassium pump activity to preserve intramuscular water while shedding excess water

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