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Written by Sandra Sorgini

In the winner’s circle, peak performers sit with one another. Nicole Rakowski, who is no stranger to high performance in her professional pursuits, bodybuilding and in life in general has aligned with yet another peak performer in Pure Vita Labs sports nutrition. PVL’s newest athlete Nicole Rakowski, who has her PhD in Health Management, splits her time between teaching at the McMaster DeGroote School of Business and working as a health care professional at Hamilton Health Sciences. She is also a bodybuilding competitor with the goal of earning her IFBB pro card in the bikini division, a cover fitness model, international motivational speaker and internationally published author who is uber passionate about helping people prevent disease through lifestyle change. Nicole and PVL are head and shoulders above the competition.

Why has this top performer aligned with Pure Vita Labs? Well, it’s obvious. Like attracts like. PVL sees in Nicole what Nicole sees in PVL. Excellence. Optimization. Next level performance. Longevity.

How can Pure Vita Labs Sports Nutrition get you to peak performing level and keep you in the winner’s circle? Choose your peak performing elixir:

GOLD SERIES BY PVL formulas are made for everybody that demands premium quality and performance. PVL products are developed in collaboration with a select group of nutritionists, trainers, and both professional and amateur athletes – each formula is researched, tested, and athlete-approved. Pure Vita Labs quality and safety standards are of the highest standard in the industry – products are tested BEYOND what is normally required.

NATURAL SERIES BY PVL sport whey protein is simply as clean as it gets - pure natural whey. Sport whey protein powder is boosted with DE111® probiotic. This powerful nutrition team mate contains 1 billion CFU and is shelf-stable to help support a strong immune system, healthy gut bacteria and even improve body composition! Made with a natural grass-fed whey protein blend, this athletes’ protein is both clean AND delicious! With zero artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners and Informed Choice certified as free from banned substances.

ISO SPORT WHEY is a leaner and faster absorbing formula (compared to whey concentrates) that mixes easily, tastes great, and packs a massive 30g of protein in each scoop.

PLANT PRO BY PVL vegan protein powder is made with four different fermented, sprouted non-GMO plant proteins for a complete amino acid profile. It’s easy to blend, silky smooth and provides 25g delicious plant protein per serving. It’s the first product of its kind to include several digestive enzymes such as Phytase, which helps digestion issues encountered with many plant proteins, allowing you to continue to perform at your very best.

Whether your formula of choice is the Gold Series, the Natural Series (both sport whey and/or Iso Sport whey) or even Plant Pro you can be certain that these Pure Vita Labs protein products are absolutely going to support your peak performance in sport, fitness and in life. The winner’s circle is waiting for you and teammates, Nicole and PVL, will be there to welcome you into it.

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