Get on the Green with PVL -
Written by Sandra Sorgini

Ryan Gregnol is always eyeing the green. As a world long drive golfer he sets his sights on green pastures. Selling homes as a real estate agent, lifting heavy weight in Olympic lifting or smashing long drives, Ryan’s goal is to make others green with envy. Signing on to Team Pure Vita Labs recently, Ryan is sure to give others the green light for relying on PVL as their go to for sports nutrition.

What is long drive you may be wondering? Long drive is a sport where players compete to hit or drive a golf ball the farthest. Top long drivers compete professionally in events and exhibitions. Hit a golf ball the farthest by driving and you win! In golf stroke mechanics, a drive, also known as a tee shot, is a long-distance shot played from the tee box, intended to move the ball a great distance down the fairway towards the green. According to professionals, flexibility, technique and form are very important in a drive, as a flexible player is able to generate a longer drive by having the ability to swing with a wider arc to get the club up to a greater speed and thereby impart more momentum to the ball. Long driving comes so naturally to Ryan. Pure Vita Labs is naturally focused as well and this is why Ryan and PVL make exceptional teammates.

Have you tried PVL’s Natural Series yet?

The PVL Performance Series products you know and love are now the Natural Series! The clean new look represents PVL’s commitment to zero artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners and fierce dedication to be athlete tested and approved for sport. In addition, ISOSPORT WHEY, SPORT WHEY, and PLANT PRO have been fortified with the shelf-stable super probiotic DE111®. This nutritional teammate helps the body’s ability to absorb protein and other nutrients, supports immune system health, reduces inflammation, and improves lean body composition!

Key features to the natural series:

1) ZERO artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners
2) Clean, streamlined new look
3) All proteins have the shelf-stable and highly effective DE111 Probiotic
4) Sleek new bottle for all protein containers

Clean new look but as always pure performance:

1) CLEAN formulas, quality ingredients
2) TESTED line-wide by Informed Choice™
3) TRUE GMP verified quality
4) UNRIVALED 25+ years’ experience
5) FOR ATHLETES by athletes

Like PVL, Ryan is bringing a new look, a new green and always pure performance! And we are all here for it, cheering these two naturals on as they hit ‘em long and strong down the fairways towards the greens. Play the long game and get on the green with PVL’s natural series and Ryan Gregnol.

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