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There are many products on the market that offer you BCAAs (Branch Chain Amino Acids), which are comprised of the three core acids of Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine. BCAAs have long been supported as being critical for building muscle, as well as having additional benefits such as boosting energy levels and indirectly assist with fat loss.

However, studies have shown that by focusing on the primary 3 BCAAs, and disregarding other 6 Essential Amino Acids (EAA) is actually limiting yourself. While there is some evidence that the BCAAs have a more immediate affect upon the muscle, skipping processing in the liver, there are still essential processes and benefits involved in the aptly named remaining EAAs. EAAs play key roles in helping support a wide range of functions related to the muscle building process including, but not limited to: hormone secretion, fat metabolism, nervous system function and appetite regulation -- so why would you want to take an inferior supplement that disregards the following?

PVL's EAA+ BCAA COMPLETE™ is a complete EAA (essential amino acid) blend, including the 3 BCAAs. The combination of the entire range of EAAs and BCAAs have shown better growth and recovery than simply supplementing with BCAAs. The addition of L-Arginine (CEAA) aids in total amino acid transport. Stacked with a stimulant-free focus blend, energizing B-vitamins, all 5 electrolytes and boosted with a 100% dose of the patented absorption agent, BioPerine® EAA+BCAA Complete™ is the most complete formula of its kind – ready for every sport.

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